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We’ve seen photos from the Lamborghini Urus concept during the unveil at the VIP evening event and on the stand at the Beijing Motor Show, we even have the official press photos (or should we say renders) on our computer, but in late July 2012 the one of a kind Urus was driven around the factory at Sant’Agata.

Apparently some official photo shoot had to take place with the Urus, but Automobili Lamborghini SpA had a little oversight … there were visitors on the factory grounds, and Pascal Ruwen from PTR photography was able to take some really nice shots of the Urus in front of the factory.

When you see the pearl red metallic finish on the Lamborghini Urus under bright sunlight it becomes obvious just how special this shade actually is … it changes from a bright orange shade to a much darker, almost burgundy red shade … it looks much brighter than the tint used on the Aventador J in these shots, while from the press shots it looked very close.

Rumor has it the Urus will be seeing production after all, at first Stephan Winkelmann hinted the Urus would only be available on specific markets, but now he mentioned it would be marketed worldwide, which would be a better idea as Automobili Lamborghini SpA plans on selling 3000 of these high end SUV models per year at a rumored price of 170,000 Euro (US$210,000).

We were under the impression the Urus would be using a V10 engine derived from the current Gallardo unit, but another rumor talks about a brand new V10 engine under development for the Gallardo replacement and the Urus would be getting a V8 turbo charged engine … the power output of 600hp is still on the table however, put this in perspective with the less than 2,000 kgs overall weight and you just know this Raging Bull will be fast, despite its massive size.

According the Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, the Urus concept for a new Lamborghini SUV would be a very viable choice for a third model in the lineup, the SUV segment is still very strong on the more important markets for Lamborghini, so deciding between the Estoque exotic luxury sedan or the Urus super SUV could be a tricky perspective in the end … but the latest information from inside the factory talks about 4 to 5 years from now before the concept could be turned into a production model.

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