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Last year I also visited the Chateau Run, a gathering of Lamborghini Club UK members in the area of Calais in the north of France, and I had a great time, so when Ian organized another edition of this Run in 2008 I was interested to see those stunning Raging Bulls from the UK in some of the most amazing settings possible for a second time.

This year the group again consisted of a number of Bulls and some other makes, among them a few great TVR and a nice looking, red Porsche, so let’s get started with the Raging Bulls : naturally a bright red Countach Quattrovalvole was present, but he was accompanied by another red Countach, albeit an LP500 S this time, both looking and driving like they just left the showroom floor.

Next to them a bright yellow metallic Diablo Roadster that just received a complete repaint, safe to say it looked amazing, especially in the afternoon when the sun finally came out.

An early Diablo had joined the group, this one was finished in the rare metallic red the factory offered back in the early Nineties, with a white leather interior featuring red piping and carpets, this car was truly impressive. The group was later joined by yet another Diablo, a second pre-1999 Roadster in fact, finished in a custom ‘flip-flop’ style paint, depending from which angle you were looking at the car it looked green, purple, even gold … a very special car that looked even more amazing in the bright sunlight.

And it wasn’t even the last Diablo of the Chateau Run, a bit further on the parking lot you could admire a light blue metallic Diablo SV, a very refreshing color on such a great looking car, I’ve always liked the air intakes of the SV, this specific car even had the optional 18-inch Roadster wheels mounted while the interior was a nice blue shade of alcantara, a really awesome combination.

The youngest Lamborghini at the meeting was the bright yellow Murciélago, this was still one of the early 6.2 Liter models, but it sure didn’t looked dated in any way, actually all the Lamborghini that were gathered looked brand spanking new, if you would park one of the Countach aside (as I did for some photographs thanks to the patient owners) in front of the old castle you might think you’ve went back in time.

As mentioned there were also some other makes, like the nice red Porsche 911, a magnificent silver/blue metallic TVR Tuscan Convertible and an even more impressive looking silver metallic TVR T350 Targa that had a jaw dropping sound and I must admit it featured an amazing level of detail, truly an exotic car, third TVR was a very nice classic one finished in dark blue metallic over a tan leather interior.

All owners were enjoying themselves at the Chateau de Cocove that was chosen for this year’s Run, I sure hope they’ll be organizing yet another edition of the Chateau Run next year so I can meet all these great owners again.