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This tribute to Marcello Gandini had been created by Flavio Adriani, a freelance designer that mostly works in the architectural market, he might not be a car designer by profession, but this Countach Concept EV sure looks impressive nonetheless.

As with most of us the Lamborghini Countach fascinated him during his childhood, and the idea of one day designing his own super car came to life when he created a modern incarnation of one of the most legendary Raging Bulls ever made, the Countach.

Take into account that the original Countach as it was designed by Marcello Gandini had inspired many designers all over the world, so if you start working on a tribute you must remain true to the ‘old’ model but still be able to drag it into the 21st century, remember the last Countach came of the assembly line in Sant’Agata nearly 20 years ago … and it received a prominent place in the factory museum.

So how did Flavio go about creating his new Countach Concept car ? He decided to keep the overall look of the legendary Countach but still change the details.

Hence the general appearance like those trademark doors, the front spoiler, the rear wing and the wheel arch extensions remained on his new design. Flavio did go for totally different headlight as pop-up lights are a bit out of fashion these days, but those split side windows are still there.

However Flavia introduced a very nice twist into the Countach Concept EV design … he went for an electric car. That’s right, this next generation Countach doesn’t have a V12 engine, it has been replaced with three small electric engines, one for each wheel at the front and a large one for the rear wheels, coupled to a set of batteries these propel the car to very high speeds.

Also note that the front houses wind turbine generators that actually charge the batteries while driving, and additionally the engine cover contains solar energy panels to power the batteries while driving and while being parked.

So it is safe to say the Countach Concept EV is a classic car but with a very modern and ecological twist, it’s not a Hybrid, it is a pure electric car, perhaps there is a future for cars like this once the bulk of the batteries required can be reduced and the charging can be accelerated … I for one wouldn’t mind seeing this car in real life.