Lamborghini Countach Quattrovalvole Special – Guide

Lamborghini countach quattrovalvole special - guide - lamborghini countach

The Lamborghini you can admire on this page started life as a regular Countach QuattroValvole during the Eighties, when it was delivered to her lucky owner … however later on this Bull was modified into a very special looking, totally custom Countach I encountered during a Lamborghini Meeting in Germany.

Not much of the original lines of the legendary Countach remained, the overall profile might still look the same, but both the front and rear bumper had been replaced with new ones in a totally different design together with special side sills.

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The turn signal indicators were moved into the new front bumper, their original spot was taken over by high beam lights underneath the glass covers in front of the pop-up headlights, also extra cooling ducts had been built into the totally new front spoiler, while a very nicely integrated rear spoiler was fitted, neatly in-between the rear air extractors, on this car color coded with the rest of the stunning light blue pearl metallic paint.

When you took a second look at the rear, you’d notice the different shape of the taillight surrounds, completely molded into the new rear bumper with two giant air outlets and recessed placements for the Raging Bull logo, similar to the indents Lamborghini used on their Anniversary model and for the US bound QuattroValvole.

On this pearl blue metallic Lamborghini Countach those impressive wheel arch extensions had been totally integrated into the bodywork, together with the customized side skirts with additional, vertical air intakes in front of the rear wheels.

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It’s perhaps a little sad this Countach still used the standard wheels, probably something like a chromed 17 inch wheel would do wonders for the looks of this very nice Lamborghini, but still, with a massive 345 tire at the rear, the overall looks of this pearl blue metallic QuattroValvole are awesome, to really be able to appreciate the fantastic paint job it must be seen ‘in the flesh’ when the sun is shining which transforms every curve found on this Countach into a different shade of blue, really magnificent.

The exterior of this Custom Countach wasn’t the only thing the owner modified, let’s take a look at the interior, featuring an alcantara covered dashboard with a few options installed. First there is a small television set mounted next to the dial cluster, in exactly the same height, it looks like it always belonged their anyway, very nicely done, also a new CD player was installed, together with an aluminum steering wheel and gear knob, the interior now has a rather high-tech look about it.

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By the way, check out the remote control mounted on the central transmission tunnel, totally integrated into the light blue leather covered console, a little further to the back of the car you would find the car phone sitting between the two bucket seats.

To keep the interior in line with the magnificent pearl blue color of the exterior, a similar dyed leather was used to upholster the seats, note the small alcantara strips on the seats, and the small section on the inner door panels, very nice detailing throughout this Lamborghini, even the carpeting was found in a special shade of blue.

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Perhaps not everyone will like a Lamborghini Countach like this, but you must admire the massive amount of work that went into building this car, the workmanship was truly outstanding, even from a very small distance, not a single flaw could be found on the pearl metallic paint job.

Needless to say the owner of this one of a kind Lamborghini was very proud of his ‘personal’ Countach.