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Just take a look at this amazing looking Lamborghini Countach … did you notice the studs all over the car? That’s because this massive scale model of one of the most legendary Raging Bulls ever made is created from Lego bricks!

Georg, a Lamborghini enthusiast and avid scale car collector felt he was missing something in his vast collection … a large scale model of the car he loves so much, the Lamborghini Countach. He already had the well-known 1/18 model from Kyosho on the Countach LP500 S in his collection and started to study it from every angle so he could create the building plans for his dream car.

Lego, world renowned for their small bricks that allow you to create just about everything you can imagine, offers their LDD, the Lego Digital Developer software that allows you to design something using all bricks Lego has to offer … and in the end the software will tell you which bricks you need, in what shade and how many … it even compiles a building plan for your model.

Designing the Lamborghini Countach in LDD took Georg about three years, he started in 2007 and didn’t complete the design just the way he wanted it until 2010 … the result : 14,000 bricks would be needed to put together his vision.

Ordering the necessary bricks was only the start, after getting everything needed it still took Georg about two weeks to put it all together, starting with the top of the Countach, right up to the working headlight pods and massive rear wing … after that completing the wheels and admiring the amazing looking, rather large model.

As stated it took 14,000 bricks to complete a Lego Countach that measures 112 studs long and 54 studs wide while putting 30 kg on the scale … that’s a heavy model, but all the planning and work did give Georg a one of a kind model I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection too.

Only problem, the LDD software no longer allows you to order the complete kit from Lego anymore, however you can still use it to determine which bricks you would need and then order them online manually using the ‘pick a brick’ system … and hope Georg is kind enough to copy his building instructions for it.