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The LamboCARS virtual car configurator I’ve created a while ago is still getting a lot of attention … to date almost 5 million renders have been requested, many people putting in an order for a real Lamborghini Aventador have been using it to create exactly the car they want, which is really nice to hear as it did take some work to put together.

Over time I decided to add some tuning to this option list, first with the DMC Molto Veloce kit soon followed by the DMC Stage 2 SV version and when the amazing Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary edition was unveiled I even added this look to the configurator … today I’ve added yet another amazing feature.

In the LamboCARS virtual car configurator you can now select the brand new Novitec Torado aerodynamic kit to be fitted onto the Aventador LP700-4 Roadster, just to see how it looks on different shades of the Lamborghini, rolling on silver wheels, glossy black wheels … even titanium shaded ones … a lot of different combinations are possible while you can admire it from the the front, the rear, the side and from the inside … so have some fun:

LamboCARS virtual Aventador Roadster Novitec Torado look car configurator