Lamborghini Phenomeno LP990-4 Concept

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Grigory Gorin created a very impressive looking concept for a Lamborghini hybrid model, called the Phenomeno LP990-4, which translates into 990hp naturally, delivered by a traditional V6 engine and an electric engine both at the front and the rear axle, positioned centrally on each differential.

The choice of a V6 might not fully line up with the usual Lamborghini V12 and V10 engines, but with a power output of 990hp in total it might not be such a bad idea, keep in mind a V6 takes up a lot less space than a large V10 or V12 unit.

Batteries are scattered around the Phenomeno concept to create a perfect weight distribution and still be accessible easily for maintenance while a solar panel has been incorporated into the roof section of the Lamborghini concept.

For the overall design of his Lamborghini Phenomeno LP990-4 Gorin looked at some of the more influential Bulls from the past and present, the design of the limited edition million dollar Reventon is clearly visible while the current Aventador style can be found around the Phenomeno too. But the classic Miura and famous Countach also came into the equation when designing the aggressive look of this hybrid concept while the Diablo played a role too.

Gorin even envisioned a more aggressive looking SV model, or Super Veloce … with additional aerodynamic items and even higher capacity batteries the lightweight SV couples high strength polymers with stunning looks.