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We have seen the official press photos from DMC on their highly limited STAGE 2 evolution of the Molto Veloce kit on December 12, a date specifically selected for its appeal ‘12.12.12’ does look cool, and it suits the impressive LP900-4 Super Veloce (as it is also called) from DMC like a glove.

The DMC SV kit will be limited to 10 units only, and no two DMC Aventador SV will look the same as every request from a customer is taken into consideration … but the client will only be able to obtain the kit if DMC agrees to sell it, based on the actual Aventador the kit would be installed on … and based on the location of the car … DMC wants to make sure no two SV’s run into each other.

We know for a fact four of these ten DMC STAGE2 SV kits are already sold, the car on this page finished in Arancio Argos with some additional black stripes is number 1 of 10, but after seeing our virtual render on a Bianco Canopus Aventador I do think one the three other kits on the books will be fitted to a white Bull in the near future.

Back to the DMC Aventador LP900-4 SV 1 of 10 seen here, located in Kuala Lumpur it has become a very popular car overnight as DMC has been publishing BTS (behind the scenes) shots of the build on this car on their FB account, so we’ve seen parts of this car over the last few weeks … only now we get the first overall shot of how it actually looks in the end.

And it looks very different to any other Lamborghini Aventador out there, naturally the famous DMC front spoiler in Jota style draws your attention at once … even more so as the owner took a rather strange decision on the finish: he kept most of the spoiler in clear carbon fiber but had the traditionally black air intake surrounds color coded to the Arancio Argos bodywork, same thing with the F1 canards on the side … instead of clear carbon fiber these are now bright orange.

The same orange paint has also been used on the outer borders of the new DMC front spoiler, creating a kind of pin striping look out there, the Arancio touch has been extended to the factory standard wheels … only on the spokes however, the outer rim of the Lamborghini wheels is still black … note this is one of these rare Arancio Argos Aventador that has a UniColor Nero Ade interior, most of these have the Bicolore Sportivo interior with orange insets … this full black interior looks more menacing.

Black is also used on the exterior rear view mirrors, it looks like there’s even an Italian flag decal on those mirrors pods, furthermore the owner went for a black stripe from the front wheel right into the large side air intakes in front of the rear wheel … there is even the 50th Anniversary logo on the doors, and an SV script above the rear wheels.

At the moment these shots were taken the car was still missing the full carbon fiber rear bumper and tail section, these will however be mounted once they arrive in the shop, still the beautiful side sills, the massive SV style rear wing and the lower, rear diffuser are already present, together with the DMC exhaust system.

It might not please every Aventador owner out there, but you have to admit the front bumper does look very impressive and I’m sure the nine remaining kits will be equally impressive … if not more.