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On December 12. 2012 DMC is set to unleash a brand new Raging Bull into the automotive world, for the time being we have to settle for some teasers, but if you take a look at these photos it becomes obvious which direction DMC is heading with their latest Lamborghini tuning product.

A closer inspection of these photos show a massive, full carbon fiber front bumper will replace the original Aventador unit, turning it into a very aggressive looking Jota style unit with those upward pointing ‘wings’ at the corners.

But there is also a triangular air extractor on the sides to increase the race style look even further, note the park assistance sensors are integrated into this new unit from DMC, just like the side lights … adding practicality and legal requirements into a totally different design.

If there will only be a different front bumper in Aventador J style isn’t disclosed yet by DMC, perhaps a new rear wing or rear diffuser is also in the making, add to this the 900 bhp V12 tuning package already available from DMC and I think we’ll be in for quite a surprise in a few days, I for one can’t wait to see which card DMC is about to pull from their sleeve …