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Last Sunday we’ve found a nice post on the official DMC Facebook page … they showed a high gloss chrome wheel in a very special design, similar to the original Lamborghini Aventador wheels but still very different … normally I’m not really a fan of chromed wheels, but I imagined they would look really good on a black car … and even better on a black Lamborghini naturally.

So I went to work in my trusted Adobe PhotoShop … virtually mounting these new wheels onto a Lamborghini Aventador, as we are talking about DMC I didn’t want to use a regular, factory original Aventador … but the stupendously impressive looking DMC Aventador STAGE 2 Super Veloce edition they unveiled back in December 2012.

As you know DMC will only build 10 of these STAGE 2 kits with the impressive front spoiler in Aventador J style, and right now only 1 has been completely finished … another detail is the fact DMC will not have two cars identical to each other. With number 1 of 10 finished in Arancio Argos I turned my attention to a black finished version.

You know I can create just about any shade on nearly any car out there, just take another look at my Aventador Roadster Configurator that allows you to create a virtual Roadster in many shades both on the outside and on the inside … and even add both the STAGE 1 and the STAGE 2 tuning package from DMC on it … so creating a black DMC Aventador Super Veloce wasn’t too difficult.

On the other hand mounting the wheels did take some more time to get right, and as I don’t really believe Lamborghini would be using the same SV script from the Murciélago on the Aventador once they release it, I refused to put it on the side of this black car … instead I put the DMC crest on it, which suits it much better I think.

So if anyone out there is considering creating the DMC Aventador Super Veloce 2 of 10 I sincerely think it would look absolutely amazing finished in black and rolling on these new, chromed wheels … sure black will hide some details due to its dark shade, but think about this: finish the car in Nero Nemesis (matte black) and have the clear carbon fiber in a glossy finish … I think that would look so amazing, perhaps have the wheel center painted matte black too but leave the outer rim polished like this might be a nice touch too if you don’t like fully chromed wheels.