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In a recent video published by Need for Speed for their new Rivals game that will be released in a few months they show the Lamborghini Veneno as one of the cars available for the ‘racers’ trying to outrun the ‘cops’, so this would mean you can get behind the steering wheel of the ultra rare Veneno hyper car and actually drive it on the open road … and in the desert.

I guess this will be the closest most of us will ever be to actually driving the Lamborghini Veneno, and if this doesn’t wet your apetite enough let me give you a list of other Raging Bull that are featured in Need for Speed Rivals: the Aventador LP700-4 and the Gallardo LP560-4 … which from another video posted looks like the Nuova edition with the new front and rear bumpers … somehow I would have loved to have seen the Sesto Elemento again and perhaps even the Aventador J … but those could be added later on as ‘extension packs’ I hope.

When I was researching this article I actually found something really interesting published by IGN … they published an entire list of cars that would be included in Need for Speed Rivals which is hinted as being ‘leaked’ by an actual employee over at Ghost Games, the developers behind this new NFS title … and one entry on the ‘Police cars’ list stood out at once … they list a Lamborghini Aventador LP800-4 SV!

Lamborghini Aventador LP800-4 SV doesn’t even exist yet, I know a lot has been written about a Super Veloce edition of the Aventador, but with the Aventador J and recently the Veneno being unveiled I would find it hard to believe an LP800-4 Super Veloce is just around the corner … the Aventador LP700-4 Roadster has just been released and they can’t even keep up with production as it is … the waiting list is 18 months when you order a new Aventador … adding a Super Veloce edition so soon in the production cycle with the order book bursting at the seams already just doesn’t sound round if you ask me.

Keeping in mind Need for Speed Rivals will be released on November 19. 2013 … so there is still time for Automobili Lamborghini SpA to confirm an Aventador LP800-4 SV … that could mean we could see it at the IAA show in Frankfurt in mid-September I guess. However, officially the new Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse will be the ‘showcar’ for this edition of the IAA, and also remember actual production of 9 units of the Veneno Roadster has been confirmed too, so we might be getting a glimpse of that one in Frankfurt.

To make things even worse the Gallardo successor is due to be shown very soon too, probably not at the IAA in a few weeks but most likely at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show according to most sources … still there is a catch with that date in fact … remember the article on the 2015 Super Trofeo Race car … it states the entire 2014 Blancpain Super Trofeo championship will be using the current car, based on the Gallardo while the 2015 season will get a brand new model based on the Gallardo successor … so the new V10, which might be called Cabrera will have to be shown at the 2014 Paris motor show at the latest … so there just isn’t a major car show slot available to release an Aventador LP800-4 Super Veloce before Geneva 2015.

So is this list of Need for Speed Rivals cars a hoax or a real ‘leak’ … only time will tell, but I’m sure Ghost Games will not be allowed to release a game featuring a Lamborghini that will only be released months if not years later … I hope they do, but I don’t think we’ll be able to drive an Aventador Super Veloce in this edition of Need for Speed … still just for fun I did create a mockup of the LP800-4 SV chasing the Veneno …