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With the Murciélago replacement in the starting blocks it might get a bit disappointing driving the ‘old’ car, however 640 Hp can hardly be called timid, the new Lamborghini flagship is rumored to have no less than 700 Hp … so you might feel a bit depressed in a week or so when the 2011 edition of the Geneva Auto Show finally offers us the latest and bravest model from Sant’Agata.

But fear not, not everything is lost for you as someone craving for as much horsepower as possible, just drive your factory standard LP640 into Germany and leave it in the capable hands of edo competition Motorsport GmbH in Ahlen to turn it into the LP750 evolution, probably the fastest Murciélago in the world.

After a nice stay in Ahlen your Raging Bull will boast no less than 700 horsepower, and what’s even better, you’ll have a massive 740 Nm available (that’s 546 ft-lb) … this results in a possible top speed of 365 Km/h, but what’s really impressive are these facts : 0 to 100 Km/h in only 3.1 seconds, 200 Km/h is reached in 9.7 seconds while the 300 Km/h mark is reached after 24.5 seconds.

This magical new evolution of the edo competition LP’s is still based on the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640, but now with modified cylinder heads and a high flow air box coupled to a hand-made intake manifold and re-designed air ducts. These modifications allow more air faster into the engine and shows it’s value especially at high speeds, add to this equation the high performance exhaust headers, high flow catalytic converters and you get a massive increase in horsepower.

And that’s not even all : more aggressive camshafts, bucket tappets, mufflers, exhaust tips and high flow air filters were developed by edo competition from the ground up while the original ECU had to be reprogrammed to derive maximum use of these modifications.

To keep all this power on the road at all times a new rear wing has been designed, this time using an adjustable lip at the rear and lightweight OZ Racing wheels are mounted all around, 18 inch at the front and 19 inch at the rear with special Michelin 265/35 ZR 18 at the front and 345/30 ZR 19 at the rear respectively.

Edo competition also offers a new high performance stainless steel exhaust system with a revised tip that emits a wonderful howling sound, even more so when you opt for the special butterfly valve system … even available with a remote control, the entire piping is plasma-coated by the way, a process that has been used in the aerospace industry for years.

In case you are wondering if all this extra power won’t strain the clutch too much edo competition has an answer too, they developed a new single plate clutch to get the drivetrain back in line with the 750 Hp stampede in the rear … and if you really want to have fun driving this new tuned super car you can order it in LP750-2 version.

That’s right, edo competition offers both an LP750-4 and an LP750-2 … so either with the well-known four wheel drive or with rear wheel drive only … which shaves an extra 40 kg from the overall weight of this car.

So just because the Murciélago will be replaced by a new flagship in the next week or so doesn’t mean your LP640 becomes obsolete … you can always have edo competition create a car that will be able to outrun the new Raging Bull again … until edo takes delivery of this new flagship and turns it into an LP800 or something like that …