Lamborghini Gallardo BF GTR 540 by BF Performance – Guide

Lamborghini gallardo bf gtr 540 by bf performance - guide - lamborghini gallardo

BF Performance proudly displays their slogan on the official website ; “Home of Special Lamborghinis”, I could try to find other words to describe them, but this slogan covers what they do nicely … they create special Lamborghini’s, no doubt about that.

Their latest Press Release quotes : ‘BF Performance transforms your Lamborghini into an individual designed work of art using quality, beauty and craftsmanship. Designers and technicians use high quality materials to create your own very special Lamborghini the way you want it.

Tell us about your dreams, we will try and make them come true.

We’ll design your Lamborghini even more stunning. We have a whole range of accessories in Carbon Fiber, leather and stainless steel to give your Lamborghini a unique appearance’

An their yellow Lamborghini Gallardo GTR 540 edition is no exception to this statement, nicknamed ‘The Racer’, to say it is special is an understatement … it is simply amazing to say the least.

Just take a look at their yellow show car … a massive Carbon Rear ‘GTR’ wing dominates the back of this V10 Lamborghini, on this bright shade the dull black wheels really stand out, and are covered in massive Pirelli Corsa sports tires. If you don’t appreciate the original wheels you can replace them with stunning three-piece wheels also available directly from BF Performance.

The official BF brochure states : ‘His territories are the world’s racing circuits. His standard is the pole position. Equipped with attached parts made of the high-performance material Carbon Fiber and an interior laid out for sportiness, the BF GTR 540 provides all the characteristics which constitute a puristic race car. Acoustically convincing, outstanding in performance – pure driving pleasure without any cut backs.

In conjunction with the black coated alloy rims with sport tires, a high lateral acceleration is possible. But actually, this is disposable – because the win of the race is already under the BF GTR 540’s belt thanks to his visual appearance when standing still …’

What better way to describe this pure bred race car, however let’s focus at the bodywork again, a nice Carbon Fiber ‘GTR’ spoiler is fitted at the front to improve aerodynamics, a special diffuser is mounted ‘down under’ at the back but probably the best welcomed ‘option’ are those Lamborghini style doors …

At this moment Automobili Lamborghini SpA reserved the well known trademark, upwards opening doors for their V12 flagship only … but many V10 Gallardo owners really love these doors … so BF Performance mounts them for you, no problem, no questions asked (a certified bank check will help however).

To get a few more horsepower from the engine you could opt for the special racing exhaust to be fitted, and add a Carbon Fiber engine ‘tub’ while you’re at it, at first there was no engine tuning available from BF Performance, but they have come up with an answer to ever increasing demand for higher horsepower, hence the BF GTR 540 name, the V10 engine has been re-programmed to deliver a healthy 540 Bhp now by installing a high performance exhaust system with remote control.

On the inside of this Lamborghini Gallardo there is much to be seen too, there is a multi piece Carbon Fiber kit available to ‘dress up’ the interior, and you can have two racing style seats installed together with four-point racing harness … it is even possible to have the seats modified to the customer’s measurements, with shoulder pads in various colors or Walknappa leather upholstery with visible stitching.

You can even order Carbon Fiber shell seats … with heating to complement the stainless steel roll over cage which is also available.