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The 2013 edition of the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 race car has recently proven just how good the development of the car by Reiter Engineering in close collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini has been executed … it is not common for a brand new race car to take both the pole and the victory during the maiden race it competes in … and a 12h race is even more challenging.

Still that is exactly what the 2013-spec Gallardo managed to accomplish in MOGYORÓD, Hungary last weekend during the fifth running of the Dunlop 12h of Hungary, driven by Marc Hayek, Peter Kox and Nico Pronk the Gallardo GT3 FL2 finished in first place after 344 laps on the 4.381 km long Hungaroring … which adds up to just over 1,500 km in total with an average speed of no less than 125,6 Km/h.

This was the first time the new 2013 Gallardo GT3 FL2 would be racing for real after intensive testing, the 12h of Hungary is organized by Creventic, a Dutch agency, and DNRT and allows entries from GT race cars, Touring Cars and 24h specials … although it is the only 12 hour race in Europe.

According the Nico Pronk the Gallardo GT3 FL2 was fast and reliable which resulted in a great race without any problems … this first competitive outing of the car resulting in total victory was more than the Reiter team could have hoped for … and what makes it all even better … pole position was gained during training already.

So apart from only two laps after the first pit stop the 2013 Gallardo GT3 FL2 was in the lead the entire 12 hours, lap 275 was even clocked down as the fastest lap of the race with Peter Kox behind the wheel, who managed to complete the entire 4.381 km in only 1:49.026 minutes … to have Nico Plonk pass the finish line after 12 hours … still in the lead was a genuine hattrick.

The Hungary race was also a perfect opportunity to get to learn more about the Gallardo GT3 FL2 during actual competition as preparation for both the Blancpain Endurance Series and FIA GT Series. Peter Kox also stated the performance of the car was at a high level throughout the entire race, no issues or glitches … the race prepared V10 performed like clockwork.

“A great way to start the season” according the Mark A. Hayek who put down his first maiden international race win with this stint in the Dunlop 12h Hungary, I’m sure we will be seeing some serious competition between the 2013 Gallardo GT3 FL2 and the other cars in the Blancpain Endurance Series and the FIA GT during the season this year.

The 2013 Gallardo GT3 FL2 race car has been developed as a joint venture between long term Lamborghini race car developer Reiter Engineering GmbH and Automobili Lamborghini SpA, the latter gaining experience with their one-make Super Trofeo series … for which a brand new 2013 evolution has been developed too.

The GT3 FL2 car gained new 24 hour racing brakes to improve long-distance performance, but also increased engine cooling together with a reduction in fuel consumption. On the more visible side we notice a new front bumper that is part of a high efficiency aerodynamic body kit, at the rear we find a massive diffuser that was based on the new 2013 Super Trofeo unit while the big rear wing is a Reiter unit as is the amazing looking, slotted engine cover … a true work of art … in the end Reiter Engineering and Lamborghini managed to shave an additional 25kg of weight compared to the 2012 spec Gallardo GT3.

Stephan Winkelmann, President & CEO of Automobili Lamborghini said, “Last year we as a company made some serious commitments to motorsport in our 50th anniversary year, one of which was to contest the GT3 category in a far more committed way. I am delighted that the co-operation between Reiter Engineering and our development engineers has done such a good job to deliver an early success and they – and the drivers – must take credit for a convincing win in such competitive company – it is the best possible start to Lamborghini’s 2013 motor racing season.”