Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 GZ8 Edizione Limitata

Limited edition based on the rear wheel drive only Gallardo destined for the Chinese market only.

Lamborghini gallardo lp550-2 gz8 edizione limitata - guide - car
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Lamborghini gallardo lp550-2 gz8 edizione limitata
Gallardo LP550-2 GZ8 Edizione Limitata
8 units
5.2 L Nat Aspirated V10
550 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
398.3 ft lbs @ 6,500 rpm
0 - 60 mph
3.7 seconds
Top Speed
199 mph
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We have all heard about the rumor Lamborghini is preparing one last Gallardo edition before a successor will take over the V10 reign in 2014, probably to be unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in a few weeks because the production capacity on the Aventador line is already at maximum performance, so the Roadster version of the V12 flagship might be postponed once again and a final V10 edition will fill the void until a totally new model takes over.

And then we hear about the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 GZ8 Edizione Limitata a limited edition based on the rear wheel drive only Gallardo with 550 hp but it is destined for the Chinese market only, so this isn’t the final edition Gallardo.

Remember we published the Gallardo Gold Edition that was also only available in China back in early June, followed by the Gallardo LP550-2 HK20 model for customers in Hong Kong only and the Gallardo LP560-4 Bianco Rosso destined for Japanese Bull enthusiasts in July so when it comes to limited edition production runs based on the V10 Lamborghini model I think we’ve covered most bases already until you see the GZ8 edition, which takes the Gallardo to the next level.

Take a close look at the white car in the photo, it is based on the Gallardo LP550-2 edition, so rear wheel drive only, while according to our source the ‘GZ8’ stands for the city of Guangzou while the 8 stands for the number of cars to be built in this limited edition run while 8 also happens to be a lucky number in China.

It will take some serious money to add one of these 8 Edizione Limitata to your garage, price has been set at almost 4 million Yuan (little over US $ 600,000 or €470,000) however you have to put this list price in the right perspective as the regular Gallardo LP550-2 is already listed at 3.5 million Yuan all of a sudden this GZ8 Edizione Limitata doesn’t sound so expensive anymore.

So what sets this GZ8 apart from a factory standard Gallardo LP550-2? Probably among the most eye catching differences are those orange wheels, which might not please everyone, but they do look different. Next on the list is the impressive carbon fiber rear wing taken directly from the Super Trofeo Stradale edition, this time the winglets on the extremities are finished in orange to match the wheels.

The engine cover, finished in matte black, also looks very similar to the Super Trofeo Stradale unit while the glossy black roof on the otherwise Bianco Gallardo has the STS look and feel too. Add carbon fiber exterior rear view mirrors, carbon fiber side skirts, special black and orange striping in Superleggera style on the side and the impressive front bumper from the lightweight version and you has a very impressive looking Gallardo.

Final touches are the black section on the front bumper and the ‘GZ8 edizione limitata’ scripting just about everywhere on the outside and on the inside where the GZ8 logo is featured on the headrests of the tasteful black and white interior with Q-Citura stitching on the seats and a carbon fiber lower section on the steering wheel.

So we have yet another limited edition Gallardo model to add to the growing list, and apart from the orange wheels I think it doesn’t look too bad either but that is beside the point as it isn’t available in Europe or the United States anyway, the Gallardo LP550-2 GZ8 Edizione Limitata has been requested by the official Lamborghini dealer in Guangzou and all 8 cars built are sold in China only.