Gallardo Squadra Corse Pricing Revealed

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Some additional details about the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse that will be shown at the IAA show in Frankfurt in a few weeks have surfaced … just published pricing on the United States market.

They also confirmed the Gallardo Squadra Corse is indeed a limited production model, only 50 will be built with an allocation of only 15 units for the United States market … and there is a catch … while other markets will be able to select from a palette of four different shades (grey, white, red and yellow) all 15 units that will be shipped to dealers in the United States will be finished in Giallo Midas, a stunning yellow metallic shade.

Each of these 15 US-Specs Gallardo Squadra Corse will be offered at a USD 259,100 base price without taxes, also note 3 cars will be available for Canadian customers while the rest of the 50 units will be divided over the remaining regions … every single one of these 50 Squadra Corse will have an individual number with the first units arriving in September.

The decision of shipping only Giallo Midas finished Gallardo Squadra Corse does come as a surprise in fact as after seeing the official press release photos many people actually prefer the Grigio Thalasso shade … which combined with the TriColore stripes on the side reminds us of the Veneno.