Hamann Limited for Aventador – Guide

Hamann limited for aventador - guide - 2014 lamborghini aventador
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Only a few months ago Hamann Motorsport GmbH managed to surprise the automotive tuning scene with a brand new aerodynamic package for the Lamborghini flagship, called the Hamann Nervudo for Aventador the bright Arancio Argos finished car showed a very intricate styling kit at the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt … unfortunately not all the comments where positive and only days after the show closed the car was offered up for sale for nearly 460,000 Euro.

Six months later Hamann sets the record straight with a rather impressive looking Limited for Aventador evolution at the Geneva Auto Show, this time finished in a much more ‘custom’ paint scheme combining ‘Stealth Grey’ and ‘Poisson Green’ … I have to admit it does apeal better than the Lamborghini standard orange metallic, which is very nice on it’s own mind you, but a full tuning kit like the one from Hamann just screams for a more elaborate paintjob.

Looking closely at the front of the Hamann Limited for Aventador it looks like the bumper is in fact similar to the one used on the Nervudo before, however all of the light grey parts on the latter are now finished in clear carbon fiber, which in combination with the matte grey bodywork give a totally different impression, add those bright green grilles and this actually looks good.

The Hamann Limited side sills and extension just behind the front wheel again look identical to the Nervudo parts except the for carbon fiber finish on this new car which brings us around the back … and here things are in fact genuinly different. The lower rear diffuser it a redesigned unit alltogether, the vertical side fins show a square style now while the fins under the tray are nicely integrated and don’t show the ‘teeth’ anymore like the Nervudo unit did.

It looks like this new rear diffuser fits under a standard Aventador bumper without showing a crease along the bottom as it did on the earlier Nervudo kit, naturally the new Limited parts all show a glossy clear carbon fiber finish, but one more thing it evident at the rear … there are additional vents between the taillights now, these might have been necessary if Hamann disconnected the original rear wing movement … as for the rear wing, the Limited unit is again slightly modified when compared to the Nervudo one … there is a more promiment ‘dent’ in the middle, the design now follows the original lines at the rear better.

A rather controversial item on the original Hamann Nervudo was the engine cover air intake, obviously designed with the Lamborghini Veneno in mind, it didn’t please everybody, more specifically because it is purely for show … the air that get pulled into it is leaving again at the rear, in fact it is mounted on top of the standard fins, be it glass or not … still I rather like it, and with the clear carbon fiber finish on this new Hamann Limited it looks even better, especially as Hamann painted parts in the engine bay in the same Poisson Green … visible through the glass engine cover.

Wheels are once again the traditional, but still very impressive Hamann Edition Race units, finished in glossy black with Stealth Grey ‘bed’ and a thin Poisson Green stripe on the outer extremety, sizes are 9×20 inch up front and massive 13×21 inch at the rear … high performance tires in 255/30 ZR20 and 355/25 ZR21 make sure the increased power output of 760hp gets transmitted onto the street. By using a modified ECU developed by Hamann in-house and a bespoke exhaust system power output was increased by almost 10%, torque went up to 735 Nm (from 690 Nm on the standard 700hp Aventador).

Inside the Hamann Limited for Aventador we are greeted by lots of bright green leather, closely matched to the Poisson Green on the outside the interior receives Verde on a large part of the dashboard, on the sides of the central console and on the middle sections of the standard Aventador seats, the upper section and both lower parts of the steering wheel also get covered in bright green leather while both sides remain perforated black leather … all grey parts on the steering wheel do get a clear carbon fiber finish, just like the two shift paddles, the central console and the door handles.

The last pieces of green leather get wrapped around the dashboard bevel, and fitted to the armrest on the door and on the upper panel of these upward opening doors … also note the black parts of the seats aren’t finished in smooth leather but receive beautiful Alcantara instead … with bright green stitching naturally while the headrests, also finished in bright green show the famous Raging Bull crest using black thread.

I have to admit I rather liked the original Nervudo when I saw it in Frankfurt, only the grey parts on the bright orange paint looked a bit strange, in fact I virtually modified a photo I took into a white, a black and a different orange Nervudo … and it looked a whole lot better, especially the black one … with the modifications made to the kit and the new paint scheme I think the Hamann Limited for Aventador can become a success …