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We all know HRE Performance Wheels for putting some of the most amazing high end wheels on the market, we’ve seen these custom wheels on the Diablo, Murciélago and Gallardo before, and now they introduce something really special that makes the Aventador look even better … Vintage Wheels.

That’s right, the design of these new wheels might look like something from the Eighties, but their specifications are without a doubt 21st century. How does aerospace-grade forged alloy sounds … or using state of the art FEA analysis to verify the wheels before they are hand finished to whatever specification the customer asked for.

There are three different designs available, but we are most interested in the 454 model, also called ‘Italian five-window’ style … which looks like a modern version of the wheels used on the Countach 25th Anniversary, but this time available from 18-inch up to 20-inch tall and from 7-inch width to a massive 14-inch width in a perfect looking three-piece forged wheel, what more could you ask for ?

A lot if you ask HRE, you can specify the size of the wheel, both width and height, but also just about every finish you might think about … why not putting those classic gold finished wheels back in the spotlight (remember those BBS on the Miura SVR ?) but a highly polished chrome finish is also possible as are paint finish in every shade on the market to get the wheels color coded with the rest of the Raging Bull.

Note that each and every wheel made by HRE in this series is built-to-order for optimal performance and minimum weight … everything from offset value to width and finish can be personalised for the customer, making these wheels almost as individual as the car they will be fitted on.