Huber Era unveiled by Fabio Lamborghini

First huber era aventador 1

A while ago we published the first 3D renders of a car called the Huber ERA, based on the Lamborghini Aventador, this redesign was intended to be an homage to the design of this amazing supercar from Sant’Agata that debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, a decade ago now, so just like the brand new Aventador Ultimae, the Huber ERA celebrates 10 years of Aventador evolution.

First huber era aventador 3

Huber’s headquarter is located in the United Arab Emirates as a coachbuilding company that creates bespoke cars for their wealthy customers, mainly one-off cars, but with the ERA they want to create an homage to the Aventador and they will have 21 units available at €30,000 each (about US $35,000), apparently, they already have a few customers lined up for this kit that comes with replacements for both the front and rear bumper, and a rear wing, as an option a clear carbon fiber replacement front hood is available too.

First huber era aventador 4

The first finished unit of the Huber ERA has just been delivered to its lucky owner, located in the UK, the ERA has been fitted onto a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster that seems to be finished in Viola Ophelia, and that dark shade does work very nicely with the clear carbon fiber parts from the ERA kit. At the rear, the taillights remain, but everything else is a replacement part from Huber, which only shows a very small section painted to match the car on this specific unit, it does seem this car comes with a custom exhaust too.

First huber era aventador 2

At the front a similar treatment is found, the entire front bumper is replaced with the ERA unit which completely transforms the looks of the original Lamborghini Aventador, the lower fin does protrude a lot further than the original bumper, so the owner might have to be carefully contemplating curbs and driveways with his latest V12 made in Sant’Agata, customized by Supercar Service Ltd in the UK with parts from Huber in Dubai.

First huber era aventador 8

The fortunate owner of the first Huber ERA is none other than Ciro Ciampi, the founder of Petrolheadonism and the membership Secretary of the Lamborghini Club UK, they unveiled the car on the lawn of the former residence of David & Victoria Beckham, Rowneybury House in England’s prestigious Hertfordshire was joined by members of the club with their Lamborghini but also being attended by Fabio Lamborghini himself and Raj Singh from Supercar Service Ltd, the UK distributor for Huber.

First huber era aventador 7

When we take a closer look at the front bumper you’ll notice the Raging Bull logo has been replaced by a stylish H for Huber, set with clear carbon fiber around the indent while the rest of the upper section on the front bumper has been color-matched to the purple on the base Aventador, from the photos it might look like the lower section of the ERA front bumper is glued onto the original unit, but this is a replacement unit that fixes onto the original fitting of the front bumper, you can turn back this conversion at any time it seems.

First huber era aventador 6

The total replacement is more evident at the rear, where everything apart from the taillights is removed from the original car, the rear bumper including the lower diffuser, it’s all being replaced by a carbon fiber unit made by Huber in a design that might be inspired by the original Aventador bodywork, but one that is still completely different, and dare I say, more aggressively styled too.

First huber era aventador 5

I’m sure this Huber ERA will be a love it or hate it situation, some Lamborghini owners have no interest whatsoever in changing anything on their pride and joy, while others completely modify their Raging Bull … while still others will be somewhere in the middle of this … and it’s the latter category that Huber wants to attract with their ERA homage. Those owners that want to be different, but don’t want to be cutting into the venerable and expensive body of their Lamborghini Aventador … just a bolt-on kit is best for them, and that’s just what the ERA is, Supercar Service Ltd founder Raj Singh stated that in their 11-year history they have not found an aftermarket design that integrates so well with the LP-700-4 chassis.