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It didn’t take the German tuner Novitec long to come up with an entire refinement package for the latest Lamborghini Huracán version, the EVO, and apart from a few items, all of these add-ons can also be fitted to the Spyder version … I’m sure the new EVO RWD will be next to the drawing table at Novitec Torado.

This is a rather modest kit from Novitec, nothing like the massive N-Largo version with the wider wheel arches, or the Novara that featured the higher mounted exhaust long before Lamborghini released their Performante, but it’s safe to say this isn’t the first attempt at changing the looks of the Lamborghini Huracán by Novitec, it’s just a continuation of what they are used to do.

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At the front Novitec offers a total of three parts to add to the new EVO style bumper, a central fin mounted horizontally, a pair of extra fins to fit vertically onto the air intakes, and a clear carbon fiber cover that slides over the new Y shaped inset of the EVO’s front bumper … naturally, all parts from Novitec are finished in clear carbon fiber, but can be painted of the customer prefers this.

The front luggage compartment cover can be replaced by a Novitec part the has built-in air ducts that actually mimic the ‘lines’ on the roof of the Huracán, over a pair of covers to put over the top part of the rear-view mirrors we come to the new side sills from Novitec, these actually don’t feature that horizontal fin like the factory original ones, carbon fiber intakes to be fitted behind the side windows complete the look.

For the engine cover, you have two options from Novitec in case of the coupe model, if you have the factory fitted glass panel engine cover you can add a pair of air intakes on the cover, but if you really want to impress you can replace the entire unit with the massive N-Largo engine cover that comes complete with an air intake, this latter cover does require an extra cover for the EVO … note that neither of these will fit on the EVO Spyder version.

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To complete the aerodynamic parts from Novitec for the Huracán EVO we can replace the factory original diffuser (available in black, gloss black or body color) with the clear carbon fiber Novitec part, but probably the most impressive item for the rear is that stunning rear wing, I really love the ‘hanging’ style of the struts on this piece.

Wheels are a very personal thing to add to a car, just to offer a choice Novitec has two designs available, either the NL1 Forged one which is a multi-piece version of the double five-spoke design, and uses the original bolt-on method. But if you really want to go all the way you can opt for the NL4 Forged wheel made by Vossen with a central-locking bolt … just note that if you didn’t order the Huracán EVO with the optional Loge Forged wheel from the factory, you’ll have to get the Novitec Central Locking Kit to be able to fit the NL4 units.

All Novitec wheels come in 9×20 on the front axle and 12.5×21 on the rear axle, fitted with Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tires in 245/60ZR20 and 325/25ZR21 respectively, you can even add 11mm spacers behind each wheel to increase the original track by 22mm on each axle, and just in case you really want to scrape that expensive front bumper, a 35mm lowering setup is available from Novitec in the form of a Sport Spring set … note it’s a different kit for cars with the Magneto dampers and cars without the Magneto option from the factory.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

And while the factory V10 in the Huracán already offers a very nice sound, you can always make it louder with the Novitec exhaust system, available in either stainless steel or the much lighter INCONEL, the latter comes with gold-high-temperature heat protection by the way, and in this case, you just have to add the carbon fiber exhaust tips from Novitec too to complete the CF look on the outside.