Huracan Minotauro Kit by Duke Dynamics – Guide

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Duke Dynamics might not be one of the high end tuners we all know about like Mansory or DMC, but if you take a look at their website you will notice they’ve been in business for a while already and have a lot of BMW tuning done in the past, but also some really nice Porsche and Ferrari parts are available from them … and now they intend to make the new Lamborghini Huracán look even better.

The Minotauro aerodynamic kit from Duke Design for the Huracán keeps a rather low profile look when it comes to spoilers and wings … in fact there isn’t even a rear wing in this kit at the moment, instead we can admire a very nicely styled front lower bumper that combines elegance with a flair of aggressiveness, especially as it does extend forward up front … and upward on the sides.

On the sides you’ll find a neat looking sill with a small vertical fin just behind the front wheels and a larger aggressively angled fin towards the rear, judging from the shadow on the initial renders these fins are moved away from the bodywork to increase their effectiveness … fins like this do help stability at high speeds mind you.

A very nice touch is the extended lower air intake on the side, a beautiful fin is mounted to draw even more air into the opening, so not only does it look really cool … it actually has a function too, that’s how it should be done.

Around the back a deep lower diffuser is mounted, again with vertical fins for stability … and looks naturally. The renders of the rear also show a different grille under the taillights … the original hexagon styled part is replaced by a unit with horizontal strikes … honestly I would prefer the original design here, but it is different.

All parts in the Minotauro kit are built to order only, available in either FRP or clear carbon fiber (I would go for the latter in fact) and will be available in the Summer of 2014 according to Duke Dynamics … pricing hasn’t been released yet but for more information you can always contact Duke Dynamics.