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Life can be pretty difficult if you are looking for that perfect birthday gift … and you just can’t find the right one. A problem Kim Kardashian faced a while ago when she was on the lookout for something really special for Kanye West … and she managed to find just the thing she wanted … almost.

She managed to buy a stunning Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 finished in triple black … black on the outside, black on the inside and black finished wheels … you don’t get more intimidating than this. But with Kanye West being in the music business and his colleagues / competitors all turning to wrapping their super cars it became obvious the factory original black Bull wasn’t just right yet.

So Kim Kardashian had three options … option 1: order a new Aventador built to specs and finished in Nero Nemesis (the factory original mat black) and get on the waiting list for about 18 months, not an option for a birthday present so on to option 2: have it wrapped in mat black vinyl … but everybody is doing it these days … so Kim and Kanye went for option 3: a full repaint of a brand new car … why not?

And this is where Platinum Motorsport comes into the picture … they took the shining new black Lamborghini Aventador and took it apart completely, started wet sanding the car … many of the smaller parts by hand by the way … new base coat, new black coat … and to make it look just right they applied a stunning satin gloss top coat to get the perfect finish on this mat black Lamborghini Aventador.

The bright brake calipers behind the still glossy black wheels make the look almost complete, the final touch was adding dark black window tint on the side … making this one mean looking Raging Bull.

Take a look at the two videos below to get an impression of just how much is involved in a full repaint of the Lamborghini Aventador :

A time lapse showing some more of the extensive work Platinum Motorsport executed on this amazing looking Aventador :

If you would like to have your Aventador go through a full repaint like this get in touch with Platinum Motorsport