Thai-made Lamborghini Aventador Replica Sources Parts from 6 Car Makers

Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Nissan, and Mitsubishi are included, and there might be even more in the mix!

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The small-scale car customization shops in Thailand have earned a lot of fame already for creating astonishingly convincing supercar replicas, and the latest example is surely turning heads. A particular wide-bodied Lamborghini Aventador replica, transformed from unlikely sources, captures the imagination. The Kit Racing body shop in Pathum Thani province, Thailand, and Ruammit Autopart took a four-door Toyota Crown from the late ’80s and turned it into the pictured Lamborghini Aventador replica. They borrowed parts from various models to make a functional vehicle that mirrors the iconic Italian sports car.

The Kit Racing body shop shared its latest build on Facebook. Although It’s still a work in progress, several photos detail the incredible transformation they achieved on a budget of just ฿400,000 ($11,615).

Selecting and Modifying the Donor

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the donor vehicle is a 1980s toyota crown sedan

The Thai customization shop selected a fourth-gen Toyota Crown sedan, introduced in 1987, as the donor vehicle. They stripped it down and reworked the upper portion of the chassis to mimic the Monocoque structure of the Aventador to create room for a new mid-engined layout. The 2,730 mm wheelbase of the Crown closely aligns with the Aventador’s 2,700 mm wheelbase, which actually helped give it the right proportion.

Building a Custom Framework and Powertrain

Lamborghini aventador replica from thailand
a mitsubishi 2. 5-liter v6 will power the replica aventador

The team has substituted the Aventador’s advanced and intricately designed monocoque chassis with a custom-built, wedge-shaped steel frame. The effect of this new chassis on the replica’s handling is unclear to us, but our best estimation is that it might be inconsequential. Most likely, the concern for handling these replicas is minimal, as they are often destined to be display pieces relegated to a garage corner.

When it comes to the drivetrain, a mid-mounted turbocharged Mitsubishi 2.5-liter V6 (6A13) powertrain has been implemented, complemented by a radiator from an Isuzu pickup. Although this powertrain doesn’t quite match the Aventador’s original power output, it should suffice for a replica.

They also sourced suspension parts from a Toyota Hilux and a Honda Accord and rear brakes from a BMW 7-Series. Last but not least, the door mechanism is from a Nissan NX, while the front wipers are sourced from an unknown Chevy pickup.

Crafting Authenticity

There is no denying that the team achieved impressive accuracy in proportions and bodywork, which is quite evident from the images. They even perfectly replicated the Aventador’s low and wide stance and added a bolt-on wide fender reminiscent of popular aftermarket kits from renowned bodykit manufacturers.

The Thai workshop also included nose intakes, a rear wing like the Aventador SVJ, a fake scoop on the bonnet, a prominent splitter with integrated fins, and even matching side skirts.

Although the team still needs to add windows and finish the interior, they have made exciting progress. To make the replica as authentic as possible, the Thai workshop even crafted many custom components like lighting units to keep the overall costs down, demonstrating remarkable ingenuity.

Big shoutout to their creativity and craftsmanship

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the aventador replica will also feature many custom components

This unique Lamborghini Aventador replica showcases the creativity, engineering prowess, and passion for automotive design in Thailand’s automotive shops. We’ll keep an eye on the Kit Racing body shop’s Facebook page for updates on this build and future projects. This project is an inspiring reminder of what vision, determination, and a blend of parts from six different auto manufacturers can achieve.

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