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I must admit I really like the Gallardo Superleggera, even the original version from 2007 is a very impressive car with those carbon fiber door panels, the Superleggera script on the side, race inspired Scorpius wheels and four point seat belts on amazing looking seats.

However when the new LP570-4 Superleggera was unveiled in 2010 it took the track look one step further … but that doesn’t mean the original Superleggera is any less interesting, especially when you change a few details on it like the owner of this bright orange (Arancio Borealis) did … details would be an understatement in this case to be honest.

We are looking at a 2007 Gallardo Superleggera model here, but the owner had it uprated ‘a little’ by Underground Racing … you know, the people behind the Twin Turbo conversions available for most recent Lamborghini models, they have a 1200 hp Aventador available among others, and on the Gallardo range they offer a few stages.

If you keep the stock engine you can opt for Stage 1 that will release 650 hp on 93 Octane gas … or 850 hp on race fuel (117 Octane), priced up to $40,000. If Underground Racing can modify the engine things change quite fast, a Stage 2 installation (about $70,000) delivers 850 on normal gas and an impressive 1150 hp on race fuel … and it gets even better: Stage 3 goes for $94,000 but hands out 1000 hp or 1250 hp depending on the gas you put into it.

Not good enough? No problem, Underground Racing Stage 4 kit for the Gallardo starts at $109,000 and comes with a highly modified engine … 1050 hp on 93 Octane gas, and no less than 1500 hp when using 117 Octane race fuel … try keeping that on the road when you take delivery.

But the Twin Turbo conversion isn’t the only ‘modification’ done to this Gallardo Superleggera, take a close look at the front and you will notice the bumper has been replaced with a more recent version, this is the LP560-4 model bumper, why the LP570-4 Superleggera bumper wasn’t used I can’t tell, but the LP560-4 version already changes the entire look of this lightweight V10 Bull.

Finally the factory fitted Scorpius wheels have been replaced by beautiful units from the well-known HRE Wheels collection, a well-known custom rim manufacturer with a long history of fitting superb looking wheels to Lamborghini and other exotic car makes … in this case the C93 model was installed with a satin black finish and polished outer lip.

Taking a second look at the car, especially the side view, clearly shows the ride height was modified too, the wheels are snugly fitting inside the wheel wells … the Superleggera is ‘floating’ very close to the road, and it looks perfect … and drives even better: Elite Motorsports who own this beauty has been pushing the 1508whp to the limit regularly … they reached 204.9 Mph on the standing half mile at the Houston shootout.