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After a closer inspection of the photos taken from the Lamborghini Huracán during winter testing it became obvious they have been fooling us when it comes to the wheels for the Gallardo successor … and it was so simple and obvious too … they just put tape over the open section between the spokes.

When I virtually removed this tape on the wheels and added a complete brake and caliper behind them the rims look totally different … and actually very nice to be honest.

I continued with creating a few variations … most likely the silver finish will be standard on the Lamborghini Huracán while the second variation, a nice glossy black, will probably become an option … just like on the V12 Aventador flagship in fact.

Just to make things even more interesting I went totally crazy and made a version with the wheels finished in orange … just like on the Egoista remember?

Naturally all this is just some virtual tinkering on a computer … none of these images are official Lamborghini photos, so we’ll still have to wait until the public unveil to know exactly how the Lamborghini Huracán will look, let alone how the wheels will come out.