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If you are thinking about buying the new Huracan LP610-4 or just want to have some fun creating this V10 to your likings you can now use the official Lamborghini configurator that has been published online recently.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA doesn’t really call it a configurator, and it might require some getting used to for you to create exactly what you want … but the ‘Explore’ section on the Lamborghini website offers a lot of the options available on the new Huracan V10 model.

The Huracan Explore section gives a very nice overview of what can be customized on the new V10 model, naturally various paint shades that can be combined with a lot of interior options and styles, but also two different wheels options and right from the start two engine covers are available … I’m sure several more options are possible, but you’ll have to visit your local dealership to really configure your very personal Huracan LP610-4 … just don’t wait too long as the order book is filling up quickly.

First up are the exterior paint options, Lamborghini lists 19 shades in total:

  • The Solid paints: Nero Noctis and Bianco Monocerus.
  • The Metallic paints: Rosso Mars, Nero Serapis, Bianco Icarus, Grigio Nimbus, Grigio Lynx and Blu Achelus.
  • The Pearl effect paints: Verde Mantis, Giallo Midas and Arancio Borealis
  • The Matt paints: Nero Nemesis, Bianco Canopus, Grigio Titans, Giallo Horus and Marrone Apus
  • The Ad Personam Metallic paints: Grigio Admetus, Blu Caelum and Marrone Alcestis

Naturally you can request other shades in the Ad Personam program, but the above 19 paints are listed to give an impression on just how good the Huracan looks … both in very aggressive shades and the more classic tints.

Next you can go for two different wheel styles on the new Huracan, as a standard wheel the Giano cast model is available, a nice 20-inch design that reminds us of the classic five-hole telephone dial style from the Countach. If you want to save some weight you could go for the optional Mimas forged wheel … still at 20 inch with a design similar to the Superleggera wheel seen on the Gallardo with a dual five-spoke style … being a forged wheel the Mimas is lighter than the cast Giano wheel.

Another ‘exterior’ option listed is the engine cover, right from the start you can either go for the standard, black fin, engine cover or the optional glass panel cover … the latter nicely showing the V10 engine hiding from view under the standard engine cover.

Also note the parking guard system is back, complete with sensors both at the front and at the rear and a nicely integrated rear view camera system … unlike the black square seen on the Aventador when you opt for this option, on the Huracan the camera sits on the rear bumper, you still notice it but it doesn’t intrude as much as on the Aventador, especially if you go for a lighter shade on the latter.

Now onto the interior, and here things get really interesting purely by the number of options offered for this new Lamborghini model … UniColor, Bicolor and a branding package … and the stitching option isn’t even listed which would make things even more elaborate … a small overview:

Unicolor interior:

  • Unicolor Nero Ade
  • Unicolor Sportivo Alcantara Nero Ade

Bicolor Sportivo interior:

  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade with Bianco Leda
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade with Grigio Cronus
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade with Verde Fauns
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade with Giallo Taurus
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade with Arancio Leonis
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade with Rosso Alala

Bicolor Sportivo Alcantara interior:

  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade leather with Bianco Leda Alcantara
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade leather with Grigio Cronus Alcantara
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade leather with Verde Fauns Alcantara
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade leather with Giallo Taurus Alcantara
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade leather with Arancio Leonis Alcantara
  • Bicolor Sportivo Nero Ade leather with Rosso Alala Alcantara

Bicolor Elegante interior

  • Bicolor Elegante Bianco Leda
  • Bicolor Elegante Bianco Polar
  • Bicolor Elegante Grigio Octans
  • Bicolor Elegante Terra Maia
  • Bicolor Elegante Sabbia Nefertem
  • Bicolor Elegante Terra Semele
  • Bicolor Elegante Terra Aeneas
  • Bicolor Elegante Terra Emilia
  • Bicolor Elegante Rosso Andra

Add to the above list the possible contrasting stitching option and you might have a hard time deciding just how you would like to have your own Huracan look on the inside … and the list isn’t complete yet:

  • Steering wheel in smooth leather
  • Steering wheel in suede
  • Branding package (includes chrome Lamborghini script on dashboard and embossed headrests)

Also keep in mind the large display in front of the driver can display the regular dials or give you the map for the navigation system … in fact just about all the information needed can be shown right in front of the ‘pilot’ in the Huracan, together with a lot of controls in the steering wheel itself it should make the Huracan real fun to drive … and I for one am really happy Lamborghini put the ‘start/stop’ button under the red flap on the central console of the V10 too.

My impression from the list of paints and interior trim is that Automobili Lamborghini SpA is marketing the Huracan in a slightly different way than the Gallardo or even the Aventador … sure the aggressive styling and shades are still there … Giallo Midas, Verde Mantis and Arancio Borealis will make sure everybody notices your Huracan on the parking lot, go for the Bicolor Sportivo interior with color coded seats and the V10 well stand out even more.

But go for one of the more subtle shades like Grigio Admetus, Blu Nimbus or Marrone Alcestis and have a Bicolor Elegante interior in something like Terra Emilia or Rosso Andra and you end up with a very luxurious feeling inside and a nice and classic paint on the outside … two totally different looks for two different type of customers … for the same car … I call that some very good marketing for this new V10 model … Lamborghini is aiming at a large customer segment with the Huracan.

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