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If you are building cars like the Gallardo and the Aventador it is obvious you have to keep pushing the limits when it comes to creating successors for your famous cars, and keeping this development hidden from the public eye in these days of the world wide internet might become a very challenging feat.

However Automobili Lamborghini SpA has taken this problem to the next step by creating a dedicated building to be used for prototype development and building of pre-series models, this avoids the need to shut down the production line whenever a new model is getting tried out with the risk of photos leaking onto the internet in advance.

Note that this brand new multi story building is the first one to receive Class A energy ratings, hence the Minister of the environment, Corrado Clini was present at the opening ceremony performed by Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

The opening of this brand new building shows additional support from Lamborghini to the region that was recently struck by a serious earthquake, many employees of the Sant’Agata factory have been touched by this disaster … and during mr Winkelmann’s speech he confirmed that a portion of the earnings from the 50th Anniversary celebration of Automobili Lamborghini SpA in 2013 will in fact be donated to help rebuilding cultural treasured that were damaged or destroyed during the earthquake, also note Lamborghini already donated substantially to have five school laboratories rebuilt.

This new building is another Milestone in the continuing search of Lamborghini into advanced technology and innovation into the future, just like the cars that will be designed inside, the building is truly state of the art with last-generation technique for the outer walls, which in fact consist of three layer polycarbonate in combination with ventilated walls that use very thin ceramic cladding. A nice touch is the fact this ceramic covering was created in a traditional Lamborghini black shade providing increased thermal insulation, and just in case the building naturally meets the current anti-seismic regulations.

Also note there is a photovoltaic system to be installed that will provide enough output to power the entire building, making sure there is no CO2 impact at all … a requirement every new building made for Automobili Lamborghini SpA will have to meet from now on.

The second floor of this new building actually has a complete, albeit shorter, assembly line installed complete with advanced technology so it can virtualize just about every step of assembly on the actual production line at the factory. Using such a setup Lamborghini can perfectly verify all requirements during the production of the pre-series models so they can avoid any issues once the model goes into regular production.

With a completely outfitted assembly line next to the regular production line at the factory it is also possible to build a complete model in very small numbers without disturbing normal production, this makes a limited production run like the 20 units of the Sesto Elemento possible outside of the factory, this  new building is capable of actually building all 20 units with ease … and with the news of them all being sold already I can imagine it will be the first order of business now … perhaps we’ll even see the first production Sesto Elemento in Paris in a few weeks … who knows?