Lamborghini Trademarks Huracan STJ: A High-Octane Release Set to Outpace The STO as the Ultimate Finale V10 Model!

Unveiling Lamborghini's V10 Finale - The Huracan STJ

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According to recent reports by, Lamborghini may be planning to introduce a new version of the Huracan before ending its production. The reports suggest that the Italian supercar manufacturer has secured the “Huracan STJ” trademark per the European trademark records.

The recent trademark filings have revealed the upcoming release of the Huracan STJ. These filings, dated February 27, 2024, confirmed the model’s name and unveiled its official logo. The logo features a distinctive design that combines the letters “S,” and “T,” and a vibrant red “J” in a symbol that represents the excitement and thrill that the model promises to deliver.

Lamborghini’s V10 Finale: The Huracan STJ

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the 2015 lamborghini huracán super trofeo race car

Lamborghini’s decision to trademark the Huracan STJ name signifies more than just introducing a new model; it represents the culmination of a legendary era for the V10-powered supercar.

With the hybrid V8 successor on the horizon, the Huracan STJ emerges as a final ode to the raw, unadulterated power and agility that Lamborghini’s V10 engines have delivered since the inception of the Gallardo.

What Does the suffix “J” Represent?

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Lamborghini’s “J” suffix choice is steeped in tradition and excellence, harking back to iconic models like the Aventador J and the historical . This letter has symbolized Lamborghini’s ventures into creating race-ready, track-focused variants that push the boundaries of performance and design.

While the Huracan STO, standing for Super Trofeo Omologata, was a testament to Lamborghini’s racing prowess. By adopting the Jota moniker for the Huracan STJ, Lamborghini may hint at an even more hardcore, track-oriented vehicle, potentially elevating the STO’s racing DNA to new heights.

While details about the car are still under wraps, the Huracan STJ is expected to bridge the gap between the raw power of traditional Lamborghinis and the technological advancements of modern supercars.

Our View On The Upcoming Huracan STJ

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The new variant is likely a track-ready or track-only version of the already-hardcore Huracán STO. This assumption is based on the similarity of the STJ logo design in the patent to the SVJ badge used for the most track-focused variant of the Aventador.

The Huracan STJ is expected to offer track-only performance in a more comfortable and complete package, sitting between the STO and the more aggressive GT3 race car. The STO is equipped with a 630-horsepower naturally aspirated V10 that enables the vehicle to reach 62 miles per hour from a standstill position in 3.0 seconds. The STJ will also likely stick with the same powertrain setup.

The upcoming STJ will also be the last of its kind, as Lamborghini is preparing to launch the successor of the Huracan for a 2024 debut. The Huracan successor will almost certainly feature a downsized engine, most likely a twin-turbocharged V8, and plug-in hybrid technology.