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Back in March 2013 things got very hectic for a handful of carefully selected Lamborghini enthusiasts … they had only a very short time to decide if they would be interested in getting a really special car made in Sant’Agata … unseen and with limited details … what they did know was the price: €3,000,000 before taxes and only three would be made available.

In a matter of hours all three production units were sold out, a fourth one would be the production prototype … which would remain property of Automobili Lamborghini SpA … one of the Lamborghini Veneno LP750-4 was sold to a customer from the Middle East while two units were obtained by residents of the United States of America … Kris Singh was one of them, he managed to secure the ‘Verde’ unit.

In fact all three Veneno units would be the same general shade, Grigio Metalluro but would be differentiated between each other by detail trim … one of the cars sold in the USA would be the Rosso edition, which would be similar to the show car, while the second one was called the Verde edition ( the car on this page) and finally a Bianco trim went to the Middle East.

One of the first customer cars to be delivered went to Kris Singh in the United States, CEO of a private investment firm who opted for the Verde edition, which shows green brake calipers, green trim along the aerodynamic parts and even green Pirelli script on the tyres. Inside most of the stitching is finished in green too, both on the seats and on the dashboard … talking about the seats, the show car had some amazing looking Forged Composite units … however the three production units all came with Aventador style seats and exterior rear view mirrors … on this Verde edition these will be replaced by original show car units in the near future.

This specific Lamborghini Veneno LP750-4 was shipped from the factory to Prestige Imports, also known as Lamborghini Miami, to be prepared for delivery … Brett Davis (owner of Prestige Imports) took it upon himself to make sure this multi-million Dollar hyper exotic Bull received the best attention before being delivered to Mr Singh in Miami.

In fact the deal was put together between Mr Singh and St.Louis Motorcars/ Lamborghini St. Louis, owned by Graham Hill and J.J.Mills … mr Hill personally handed over the keys for this $4,106,000 Lamborghini … after taking delivery of the Veneno, Kris drove it to a restaurant to have dinner … while a crowd gathered outside admiring what can only be called the wildest street legal super car ever made.

With only three made, Mr Singh confirmed he would actually be driving this car on the open road, he even ordered a complete extra set of wheels and tires, just to make sure he can enjoy this amazing automobile to the fullest, in fact the car will go back-and-forth between his homes in the Miami and West Palm Beach areas.

I’m sure there will be many videos and even more photos made of this amazing Lamborghini over the next few days and weeks … all showing just how stunning this street legal LeMans race car from Sant’Agata really is.