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For the 2013 edition of the Geneva Auto Show Automobili Lamborghini SpA came up with something that would draw away attention from some of the competition that were unveiling their flagship models … the LaFerrari and the McLaren P1 … Lamborghini blew them clear out of the water with the amazing Veneno LP750-4, a very special model limited to only 3 units listed at 3,000,000 Euro before taxes … it sold out even before the car was unveiled to the public.

The Veneno proudly showed a 50th Anniversary script on a special Forged Composite plaque and it was believed this rare super Bull would be the ‘celebration’ model for 2013 … still Lamborghini released a more moderately priced Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary model, first in Coupé form it was later on joined by a Roadster edition … only 100 units of each would be produced … and yes, they are all sold out too at the moment.

But Automobili Lamborghini SpA has another thing coming … we’ve heard about it on a forum when a customer actually received a call asking if they would be interested in a Veneno Roadster … now wait, are you talking about a stupendous looking race car … without a roof?

Indeed, it took the company from Sant’Agata a few more months but in the end they confirmed production of nine units of the magnificent looking Veneno Roadster, a mix between the original Veneno and the one-off Aventador J unveiled in 2012 … in fact the Veneno Roadster comes without a roof too, just like the latter one … this is a prototype race car for road use as it is street legal … a Veneno Roadster is probably the closest thing to a race car you are actually allowed to drive on public roads.

As usual Automobili Lamborghini SpA came up with a special shade for this new limited edition model … Rosso Veneno is a dark red metallic tint that suits this car nicely, but just in case you would like to opt for another color the factory is open to your ideas … a Bianco Canopus perhaps, or a Nero Nemesis … why not a Verde Ithaca or Arancio Argos … you name it, Lamborghini will build it … for a nice 10% premium over the closed version.

At Euro 3,300,000 each without taxes the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster will remain a dream for most of us, with only one unit of the Aventador J in existence and the three Veneno Coupé being delivered towards the end of 2013 this new Veneno Roadster will be most exclusive modern Lamborghini in the world today … keep in mind only 20 units of the Reventón were made and only 20 Sesto Elemento will be made (which isn’t street legal by the way) the closest ‘Bull’ to compare to this open top Veneno is the Reventón Roadster with a mere 15 units made … the Veneno Roadster will be a rare sight on the open road I guess.

That is why I’ve taken some time to create a few virtual ‘shades’ on the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, each time showing a nice side view and a high angle rear view you can now admire this amazing car in shades like Nero, Arancio, Giallo, Verde, Viola Ophelia, Blu Celeste, Grigio, Rosso … I even made a custom ‘rainbow’ painted one and installed ADV.1 wheels on a 50th Gold finshed Veneno Roadster.

Just because the original Veneno came in a shade called ‘Metaluro’ and it showed a beautiful TriColore striping along the edges of the door (often imitated on the Aventador and Gallardo after the unveil) I wanted to create a ‘His and Hers’ combination with a Veneno Roadster boasting the same configuration.