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A large number of Raging Bull, probably over 50, gathered for a Lou Hei dinner in Singapore, some of the most amazing looking cars arrived, and not only brand new ones like the Aventador, but also various Gallardo models, both open and closed and naturally some really nice Murciélago versions like the Roadster and the LP670-4 Super Veloce … and don’t forget to check out the amazing looking black 1999 Diablo SV with orange scipt on the side, simply an amazing classic by now.

(Video © Maxson Goh)

Looking good, and apparently some of these owners have terrefic taste when it came to personalizing their cars. I recognized some special looking Gallardo models, like a white LP570-4 with Performante stripes … while it was a closed version, not a Spider, or how about an LP570-4 Superleggera with Super Trofeo Stradale rear wing and tricolore decal on the side. Another impressive beauty was an early Gallardo Spider in a stunning, high glossy black riding on black wheels … with orange calipers that just look so amazing on this car.

A bright blue Murciélago with a black ’99’ on the hood and side … that was followed by a glossy black Aventador … with mat black ’99’ decals, and a white Gallardo with red painted parts, perhaps over the top for some taste, but it sure looks different nonetheless.

Safe to say Singapore has a vibrant Lamborghini car park, from subtle black on black to more outrageous white with red details … just as we’ve seen before : the sky is the limit, or should that be the amount of money in your bank account is the limiting factor when it comes to personalizing a Lamborghini super car.