DMC LP988-4 Aventador Edizione GT Black – Guide

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DMC has become a household name when it comes to Lamborghini tuning, their aerodynamic packages for the Aventador have sold in high numbers, first as the Molto Veloce version, which as it turned out would be the Stage 1 kit for those looking into modifying their V12 flagship from Sant’Agata without going too far, a small chin spoiler, a set of side sills combined with a new rear diffuser and a stunning rear wing is all it takes to turn a factory standard Aventador into a very good looking DMC MV.

The DMC MV kit is still for sale today … however the next step from DMC called the Stage 2 kit or more aplty the Spezial Version (in short SV) is sold out by now, only 10 units of the DMC Aventador SV would be built, all on special order … and the entire production is sold out, which sure is impressive keeping in mind the massive front bumper/spoiler combined with a rear fascia finished entirely in clear carbon fiber probably didn’t come cheap … but it sure looked really intimidating.

If you were thinking DMC would rest after selling 10 units of their amazing Spezial Version kit … you might want to think again … DMC created a further evolution for the Lamborghini Aventador, loosely inspired by the limited edition Veneno of which only three were built, DMC came up with their Stage 3 package … the Aventador Edizione GT or E-GT.

At first only 3D renders were available, which did convince one owner to have his Aventador, which was already wearing some DMC parts, converted into the awesome looking Edizione GT, finished in bright Arancio Argos the new E-GT kit transformed this V12 into a street legal race car with looks that wouldn’t be out of place on the venerable LeMans circuit.

And there is already a second DMC Aventador Edizione GT, this time finished in an even more intimidating black shade with lots of clear carbon fiber parts … rolling on the standard Iperione wheels which might look a little out of place, but I guess the owner didn’t want to compromise on comfort when driving on less than perfect roads … we don’t have silky smooth roads in every part of the world.

The unique engine cover from DMC in their Edizione GT package is completely left blank on this specific Lamborghini which clearly shows the intricate carbon fiber weave on the big fins and that triangular air intake … add the massive rear diffuser, the side sills with their uprights for additional stability and the front bumper with the big air intakes and you really have a completely transformed Lamborghini Aventador.

A race inspired rear wing, that is fully adjustable by the way, completes the look … this isn’t your regular Lamborghini Aventador anymore, and with the optional engine tuning from DMC that could bring this V12 from 700hp up to 988 she doesn’t only look fast, she will be very fast too.