DMC LP988-4 Aventador Edizione GT – Guide

Dmc lp988-4 aventador edizione gt - guide - lamborghini aventador
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After the very successfull LP900 Molto Veloce and the limited edition Spezial Version renown high end tuner DMC comes up with the next level of tuning for the Lamborghini flagship model … the Aventador LP700-4 gets converted into the most brutal looking, street legal Bull … DMC calls it the Edizione GT and adds the LP988-4 designation to it.

The DMC Aventador LP988-4 Edizione GT is once again a limited edition, just like the Spezial Version that would only be built 10 times the brand new Edizione GT will be available in very small numbers and most likely not two will be found in the same area … something DMC looked after with their SV model, in fact customers had to own the Molto Veloce kit for the Aventador already before they could even apply for the Spezial Version, and DMC made sure not two of their SV’s would be found close to each other or even in similar shades … just to keep them as exclusive as possible.

Remember the LP900 MV (Molto Veloce) was also called the Stage 1 when the Spezial Version came out, which DMC called the Stage 2 internally … so it is safe to state this new LP988-4 Edizione GT will be the Stage 3 edition … now what about that LP988-4 designation?

Keep in mind the fact DMC already had a 900hp modification for the original Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 on the shelves, they mount a total of twelve single intake throttle plates, a unique one for each cylinder. Fuel pumps, fuel lines, pressure units and the injection nozzles are all replaced by DMC made parts … to keep it all working together the electronics are reprogrammed and all wiring is replaced … after which the engine gets the ‘LP900’ name from DMC, who insist you ship the car to Germany for the engine modification, just to make sure it is reliable after the upgrade.

But for the new Edizione GT a 900hp power output just wasn’t enough, so DMC turned to a twin turbo setup … after carefully installing two turbo chargers and turning everything in sync the actual power output almost reached the magical 1,000hp mark … DMC went for the 988 number for good luck instead.

Enough on the power output of the legendary V12 Raging Bull … back to the styling of the DMC Edizione GT … at first glance you might think you are looking at a Veneno style kit, but closer inspection will unveil the extensive detail of the new DMC Edizione GT aerodynamic kit … up front the entire bumper is replaced by a new unit, not only that but both wings are also replaced while splitters are added together with those race inspired canards … new flaps and a completely redesigned tunnel at the front helps the required air to reach the areas to be cooled.

If you take a close look at the renders showing the front of the new DMC Edizione GT you will notice the triangular styling seen on the final Gallardo LP560-4 edition and on the 2013 Blancpain race car … DMC did make it look even better I think, in fact the Edizione GT was developed with actual FIA GT regulations in mind … are we going to see this car on the track? Perhaps, but DMC did manage to keep it street legal in the end, so it is a street car … with race looks … something like the multi-million Euro Veneno of some sorts.

From the renders we also notice the front hood get a Sesto Elemento style pair of triangular vents, just like the 2013 specs Super Trofeo race car by the way, in front of the windshield … on the side you’ll notice wide side skirts and a set of vertical fins to increase stability at high speed.

Around the back you almost don’t even recognize the original Aventador anymore, just about the entire rear section is replaced by DMC Edizione GT parts … a new rear bumper, massive lower diffuser and naturally the additional fins for stability … just in case that doesn’t impress you enough DMC also installs a brand new rear wing, the GT version which gets installed on a new ‘wing base’ for added stifness and that can be adjusted for more down force when needed.

Another highlight of the DMC Edizione GT aerodynamic kit is surely the new engine cover … the Aero Engine Cover replacement unit boasts an innovative design incorporating a large triangular intake pulling air into the engine compartment … combine that with the new air vents on the cover itself and the open rear fascia installed by DMC the rear wing is now fixed … no more movement of the original base to offer cooling … this new design of the engine cover and the open sections at the rear of the Edizione GT answers any overheating question … and it looks amazing too.

With looks like this and an increase in power output the DMC Aventador LP988-4 Edizione GT should receive some high end, track inspired wheels too … now DMC is known for the fact they leave this decision up to the customer, but they do point you in the right direction with a set of matte black cross spoke wheels … a center lock would be even more appropriate I think.

At the moment there is no news on numbers for this very impressive kit … will DMC make it limited to 10 or less units and again insist the customer to own either the MV or the SV kit already? I don’t know right now … but I do know this kit must look extremely impressive in real life … I for one can’t wait to see it installed on an Aventador in the near future.

On the other hand, pricing has just been released … I hopy you are sitting down? The entire conversion from a standard Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 into a DMC LP988-4 Edizione GT will cost a grand total of USD288,888 … if you just want the looks without the power boost the full Edizione GT aerodynamic kit is listed at USD89,990 while the impressive power increase on the factory V12 comes in at USD 134,530 …

Think about it for a second … you have the Lamborghini Veneno on one hand … only three made (with 9 Roadsters later on) and priced at Euro 3,000,000 without taxes and 650hp … while on the other hand you have the DMC LP988-4 Edizione GT for less than USD750,000 in total (let’s say you get a factory standard Aventador LP700-4 for USD450,000 and add the USD288,888 required to turn her into the LP988-4) … you’ll end up with a car that is far more powerful, available on the market right now (while the Veneno are sold out and as far as we know none of them is for sale) … and at only about 20% of the cost … I guess the choice is quickly made no?