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Lavazza Viva Italia, as it is called from this year on, was held on Monday, May 28., and despite the weather not being at it’s best, there was a very impressive collection of Italian cars present, with nearly 20 Bulls on the paddock.

The Lamborghini Club Nederland area was filled with various models, ranging from the more classic front engine V12 types right up to the Murciélago and even a bright green metallic Gallardo Spyder.

So what could be admired at Assen this year, for starters, no less than three different black Diablo and a fourth, silver finished one, all in great shape, but the by now classic Countach wasn’t overlooked either. Two LP500 S editions, a really nice white one with a black interior and a magnificent dark red one, the latter also featuring a state of the art leather upholstery, the central console on this red Countach was even finished in perforated leather, very nice, combined with an embroidered Raging Bull logo on the headrest, this car drew a lot of attention to say the least, while sitting on slightly darker finished, telephone dial wheels … a stunning car !

A third Countach was finished in a nice burgundy metallic over a tan leather interior, a very nice and rare combination on this 25th Anniversary edition, more recent Bulls were a bright orange metallic Murciélago, driven all the way from Germany, and an awesome green metallic Lamborghini Gallardo, who’s owner only took delivery of his car days earlier … after waiting 12 months for it to arrive, talk about patience.

Naturally there were a few classic Lamborghini present too, one of the most impressive ones a bright yellow Miura S, a flawless example of one of the most beautiful cars ever made at Sant’Agata, personally I think the Miura SV is the nicest one, but this yellow S model surely ranks a close second. Next to this legendary Miura you could also admire two Islero S models, another bright yellow Lamborghini, but this time a Jarama, and a really good looking black Espada … too bad there wasn’t a 350GT present in Assen, or we would have had just about all the most important models ever made on display.

Naturally Viva Italia isn’t about show only, these cars are meant to be driven, so after gathering in the pit lane for a ‘Free ride’ session, most owners took their Bull onto the famous TT Circuit at Assen for some really nice driving, some at the near limits of their car, others just for the sheer fun of it, but both were warmly welcomed by the numerous visitors seated alongside the straight.

Unfortunately after this first session on the track, it started raining in Assen, didn’t last too long, but it made some of the visitors leave way too soon, and some owners took the road home in their Bull to avoid getting stuck in traffic, but still we had a great day, talking with owners and enthusiasts about Lamborghini in general, as usual, Viva Italia is a great event that draws a lot of people to Assen each year, I’m already looking forward to next year to see even more Bulls gathered on and around the TT Circuit …

See you in Assen next year !