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Naturally I’ve been to the yearly SpaItalia event to check out the collection of Italian art on wheels that would be on display.

Remember they had a Lamborghini tribute last year ? A stunning collection of Raging Bulls made the drive to the famous circuit of Spa Francorchamps, so I was expecting only a small selection of cars this year … I couldn’t have been more wrong to be honest.

Both on Saturday and on Sunday some amazing Lamborghinis appeared on the paddock … and on the track naturally as SpaItalia isn’t a static event, there are ample possibilities to take a spin on this world famous Belgian circuit, either in the relatively slow paced Gran parade spins or in the much faster Scuderia stints.

Among the cars in the latter was naturally the by now famous silver metallic Diablo SVR, this car was present at SpaItalia every year that I visited it, it’s owner even took it outside the gates of the circuit for a one on one photo shoot with me, so expect some more images of this great car later on.

Naturally that wasn’t the only Lamborghini of interest at Spa this year, a massive collection made the drive, ranging from the classic Jarama and one of the oldest, still driving Espada in the world, over the more recent Countach and Diablo models right up to the Murciélago and Gallardo. There was even a Miura present on Sunday, parked next to a Diablo SE30 and an equally limited edition Murciélago 40th Anniversary finished in that amazing green metallic paint.

It was again a nice opportunity to talk with owners and fellow enthusiasts as SpaItalia is a very relaxed event, I’ve been able to take several cars outside of the paddock for photo shoots, so I’m really happy with this 2009 edition of SpaItalia … I’m sure to return next year to try and top this edition once again.