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We have seen some pretty impressive work from Japanese based LB Performance before, how about their wide body Murciélago kit, they even entered a white one in the Grande Giro that blew most people away with the race inspired looks and thundering exhaust note.

Earlier this year LB Performance showed their brand new tuning package for the more recent Lamborghini Aventador at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show … the car was again finished in a stunning brushed aluminum look wrap and received a new front bumper, side skirts, lower rear diffuser and a magnificent rear wing … the LB Performance Aventador looked amazing without being over the top.

Canadian based SR Auto Group now brings the first Lamborghini Aventador LB-Performance outside of Japan, and their choice to go with a combination of bright orange metallic, matte black and clear carbon fiber worked out perfectly, add those amazing PUR Wheels and you end up with an absolutely stupendously nice looking Raging Bull … different, but still recognizable.

Mounting a kit like this LB Performance unit isn’t as easy as it looks, an Aventador is still somewhat a hand built car, so every car might have a few mm of difference when it comes to body parts, hence installing a totally new front bumper from LB Performance with a three piece carbon fiber splitter takes some careful measuring … and re-measuring … and some more measuring to make sure it all fits together without big seams … the end result should look like it might have been done by Lamborghini themselves after all.

The side skirts are fixed underneath the original ones, finished in clear carbon fiber and showing a nice ‘canard’ in front of the rear wheels these LB Performance units are one of the best looking I’ve ever seen, they would look great on just about any Lamborghini Aventador.

Going round to the back the work involved in installing the lower diffuser is mindboggling … you have to add several vertical fins to the original Lamborghini diffuser, which involves removing the entire rear section from the Aventador, including taillights, bumper, mid section and everything. After that you have to make sure the vertical fins are positioned exactly right to accommodate the extra horizontal diffuser section … the end result is awesome, but just imagine the hours it took to get there.

And the best is yet to come … take a look at that amazing rear wing, SR Auto calls it a 3D GT wing, and I guess it wouldn’t look too out of place of an actual GT race car with those thin struts and adjustable angle … I guess the original Aventador rear wing has been disconnected so it doesn’t rise up at speed anymore, that would rather be useless with this new, large rear wing installed … finished in clear carbon fiber naturally.

SR Auto Group didn’t leave the original four tip exhaust on this Arancio Argos Aventador, instead we notice an Innotech Performance Exhaust with two massive oval exhaust tips … looks good and I’m sure it sounds even better … made from T304 stainless steel it comes with a remote control to command the ‘mode’ of the valves: open, closed and auto … in auto mode the rpm of the engine and the position of the gas pedal is taken into account to adjust valve movement inside the exhaust automatically … this offers a really dramatic increase in exhaust sound.

You have to admit the new Dione wheels from Lamborghini do look very nice on the Aventador, however this orange car arrived on glossy black Iperione wheels … which SR Auto Group replaced with very nice PUR Wheels, the beautiful 4our Depth units finished in matte black with a grey outer rim … a perfect look for this very special Lamborghini Aventador with 255/30 ZR 20 P-Zero Nero up front.