LB-Works Aventador Limited Edition – Guide

Lb-works aventador limited edition - guide - lamborghini aventador
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Back in December 2017 we already mentioned a new limited edition kit to be released by Liberty Walk, but all we could show at that time were a few 3D renders, not an actual car … fast forward to March 2018 when Kato-San came to the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland, and he had the new LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador Limited edition taking center stage on the stand.

Wataru Kato started Liberty Walk back in 1993 at the age of 25 in Nagoya, Japan so he could build cars in the Bosozoku style … lowered to the max, modified bodies with large fender flares rivetted to the body and usually a pair of tall exhaust pipes … usually onto a Skyline at that time … but time progressed, and after an impressive Lamborghini project his wide body kits for the Nissan GT-R and BMW M3 finally become known worldwide … and success was guaranteed from then on.

Now cars like the Ferrari 458 SEMA and the Huracan LB-Works are famous around the world, and while Liberty Walk offers more sensible aero kits for the Lamborghini Aventador too (even the new Aventador S) the most impressive ones are surely the LB-Works evolutions for the Huracan and the Aventador.

To celebrate his 50th anniversary, Wataru Kato created an evolution of his LB-Works Aventador, now called the Limited Edition, only 50 will be made for the entire world, 30 of those are destined for Japanese customers while 20 will go overseas … at nearly US$60,000 each when you opt for lightweight carbon fiber.

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The LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition is a very extensive aerodynamic kit for the current V12 flagship from Sant’Agata … up front we start with a completely new bumper that comes with a deep, version 3 lower splitter, race inspired canards on the sides and a pair of vertical fins for stability.

These vertical fins are also present just ahead of the rear wheels while a set of side sills connect front to rear, where a massive new rear diffuser takes over from the factory original one, a new v3 rear wing is part of the kit and comes in a stunning clear carbon fiber on the show car in Geneva, and that same material is also visible on the new, very aggressively styled front hood complete with two large air vents.

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Naturally, the most impressive feature of this Limited Edition kit from LB-Works are the four massive wheel arch extensions, showing their rivets with proud to cover some massively wide Forgiato wheels with Pirelli P Zero tires. Do note that the Airrex air ride suspension is a $9,500 option on top of the kit price.

Remember seeing the first video when Kato-San took a cutter to those expensive fenders of a pristine, factory fresh, $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador … that was terrifying … but today you can opt for a ‘Fender replacement kit’ that comes with those four extensions already fitted onto fenders that just replace the original ones … you will have to add $3,420 to the overall price for those.

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With an aggressive look like this you will have to make a sound that matches, so Kato-San proposes an FI Exhaust system that really looks like a work of art, almost too good looking to hide underneath that widebody Aventador, but the resulting soundtrack will soon make you forget the price at a steep $12,000.

The car shown at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show was number 22/50, and we’ve seen several different cars being published online already, so just how many units still remain for this LB-Works Aventador Limited Edition isn’t known, but if you are interested in getting this kit installed on your own Aventador I would get in touch with Liberty Walk quickly.