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If you think the Liberty Walk Aventador wide fender kit is already over the top … get ready for this one: the LB-Works Aventador Limited, just like the LB-Works Murciélago of which only 20 were be built, the Aventador Limited will be available only 30 times in Japan and 20 times worldwide at ¥5,940,000 or $59,400.00 respectively (in CFRP).

If you would opt for FRP the kit is a little cheaper, but CFRP would be the best choice for this impressive kit. Up front we get a new bumper (v2) and front diffuser (v3) which comes with new fins (also v3) and canards while a massive side sill gets added (v2) again with canards.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

At the rear the already impressive diffuser we know has become even more intimidating (v3) and naturally that massive wing is still there (also v3) … a Kato-San created car wouldn’t be complete without a wide fender conversion, in this case they also have intakes in front of the rear wheels (the normal exchange fenders are a $3,240.00 option).

The front hood is also replaced on this LB-Works Aventador Limited, now featuring a pair of air vents to complete the aggressive look of this Japan style Raging Bull.

The render shows the well known Forgiatto wheels being installed again, while it is obvious an air suspension by Airrex just has to be added too (at $9,500) … but Liberty Walk also offers a pair of covers for the headlights in CFRP at $854.

This new LB-Works Aventador Limited might not please everyone, but still this is a very special car, and with only 50 in total to be built, it might be rare in the future …