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At the 2015 Geneva Auto Show famous tuner Mansory presented their interpretation of the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, called her the Torofeo using inspiration from the Blancpain Super Trofeo one make racing series being held in Europe, America and Asia. The bright blue metallic Mansory Torofeo drew a lot of attention in Geneva showing a perfect carbon fiber weave on the body and a custom pattern on the interior.

The Geneva show car received a pair of turbochargers and a lot of engine work to put out 1,000 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque … but now Mansory comes up with an evolution of that car, dressed completely in a satin matte carbon fiber suit and dropping 1,250hp onto the street.

The entire Mansory Torofeo shows clear carbon fiber now, which isn’t too difficult for this company as they have their own, in-house autoclave to produce this lightweight material to the exact specs they want, the result is a Huracan with a completely new design … the base is still visible, but there are so many parts that have been replaced by Mansory you could argue if this is still a Lamborghini … or a Mansory.

To clear up that question … this is a Mansory Torofeo and no longer a Lamborghini Huracan, if you look closely at this car you will notice there is no Raging Bull crest or Lamborghini script to be found anywhere … except on the engine, which in case of a Mansory Torofeo has been taken apart completely to be fitted with bespoke Mansory parts, two bearing-mounted turbochargers and a custom made exhaust system … the result is 1,250 hp at 8,250 rpm (from 610 hp) and an electronically limited torque of 1,000 Nm.

The four wheel drive system has been left intact while top speed is now 340 Km/h from this turbocharged V10, acceleration figures from 0 to 100 Km/h in only 2.7 seconds are just mind blowing if you take into account the wide 245/30ZR20 and 325/25ZR21 tires mounted on 9×20 and 12.5×21 inch forged alloy wheels … installing a set of lowering springs deducted 25 mm from the ride height.

With all that visible carbon fiber on this Mansory Torofeo you might just miss some of the tweaks they did between the Geneva show car and this sinister looking evolution … up front that completely new bumper looks to be the same, the air intakes are massive and the outer ones show two fins each that are in fact LED driving lights, but the front hood looks different, with a more pronounced Y-shape extrusion, mimicing the one we’ve seen on the doors of the Mansory Carbonado … the 1,250hp Aventador based Bull.

And that’s not all, look at the doors of this Mansory Torofeo … those Y-shapes are present there too, almost identical to the ones seen on that Mansory Carbonado, a very nice touch and attention to detail … you either love it, or hate it I guess. I would say I admire it, Mansory makes creating carbon fiber cars like this look easy … and as long as they keep it satin finished I rather like it.

The front fenders on the Mansory Torofeo are in fact 30 mm wider compared to the original Huracan, while at the rear they expand 40 mm beyond the factory V10, here that extra room is needed for a pair of vertical air intakes feeding cool air into the engine compartment, looking at the new engine cover I found two more, triangular intakes next to a stunning trio of glass panels that remind me of the limited edition Lamborghini Reventon.

Naturally a pair of special side sills and custom made, exterior rear view mirror housings are more details that make this Mansory Torofeo really stand out, and the best is yet to come … just take a closer look at the rear of this car. The entire rear diffuser and bumper has been replaced with an intricate, new design that took inspiration of the Aventador J while the rear wing is a Super Veloce derived unit.

If Mansory can create a totally custom exterior on these Lamborghini you might wonder about the interior, but this is also one of Mansory’s trademarks … nothing inside this V10 has been left factory, there is new carbon fiber, new upholstery, a special steering wheel … even the door panels now show a new stitching pattern … Mansory artisans can create a bespoke interior for every customer.

I can’t wait to see this car in real life, most likely at the 2015 IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt.