Mike Tyson VS Jake Paul Car Collection: The Ultimate Clash of Auto Heavyweights

Behind the Scenes of the Ultimate Car Showdown Between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul

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Mike Tyson, also known as “Iron Mike” by his fans, won his first heavyweight world title in 1986 and has been a renowned and successful car collector ever since. This was 11 years before Jake Paul, his upcoming opponent, was born. Iron Mike would easily beat Paul in a hypothetical car matchup, as he owns one of only seven Lamborghini Diablos in the world.

While fight fans are excited about the upcoming boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul in July, both fighters are known to be avid car collectors. While Paul’s collection mainly includes new cars, Tyson’s garage has hosted some gems from his long-decorated career. In particular, Tyson deeply loves the Lamborghini Diablo, having owned a Diablo VT and a rare Super Diablo Twin Turbo, one of only seven examples ever produced. Jake, on the other hand, has a soft spot for Ferraris. Let’s delve into the details and determine which cars are owned by these boxers.

Mike Tyson VS Jake Paul Car Collection list

Mike tyson vs jake paul car collection

Total Number of Cars Owned by Mike Tyson Vs Jake Paul

Person Total Number of Cars Owned
Mike Tyson 10 (estimated)
Jake Paul 10

The present number of cars owned by Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul

Person Total Number of Cars Owned
Mike Tyson 3 (estimated)
Jake Paul 7 (estimated)

Mike Tyson’s Car collection

  • Ferrari F50
  • Jaguar XJ220
  • Bentley Continental SC
  • Lamborghini Diablo
  • Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster
  • Jaguar E-Type
  • Rolls-Royce Corniche
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Escalade Escapades
  • Mercedes-Benz G63

let us begin from where it all started for the former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson..

Promoter Don Kings Precious Gift

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Don King, a boxing promoter, was aware of the potential of his new client, Mike Tyson, who was considered the best fighter in the world. To show appreciation for Tyson’s hard work, King gifted him two cars in 1988. One was a black Rolls-Royce stretch limousine, which cost approximately £165,000. The other was another Corniche.

At 22, Tyson accumulated four Rolls-Royces in his garage worth over 680,000 USD.

Tyson Bought 2 Ferraris Ferrari’s at once.

Vs youtube miketysonsferrarif50 455

In 1992, boxing icon Mike Tyson was incarcerated following a rape conviction in Indiana. The ex-heavyweight champion received a six-year prison term and four years of probation. However, he was granted release in 1995.

After being released from jail, Tyson fought Frank Bruno and regained his WBC title in 1995. He then took his winnings to a Ferrari dealership and purchased two of their supercars—a Ferrari F50 and a 456 GT Spyder. His GT Spyder was one of only two convertibles ever made by the Pininfarina factory, with the other ordered by the Sultan of Brunei. It is famously known that Tyson crashed one of these Ferraris into a convenience store.

Tyson’s Love for  Lamborghini…

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In 1996, Mike Tyson bought his first Lamborghini, a yellow Super Diablo Twin Turbo, using the prize money he earned from defeating Bruce Seldon in Las Vegas. Later the same year, he added a Bentley Continental T to his car collection.

Vs youtube miketysons1997bentleycontinentaltisforsaleingermany 000

However, Tyson spent almost $30 million USD earned from the disqualification defeat to Holyfield. He added a 2000 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster and the Jaguar XJ220 to his car collection. Additionally, he splurged around approximately $400,000 to $500,000 USD on a Bentley Continental SC – one of only 73. Even after all those years, Tyson’s love for luxury remained evident as he purchased a Bentley Continental T.

Mercedes Benz and Its relation with TUPAC

During the late 1980s, Mike Tyson established new relationships with people in the entertainment industry. He attended high-profile parties in Hollywood, which helped him in making new friends. Among his friends was Tupac Shakur, who motivated Tyson to buy a white 1989 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class 560SL, which Tupac reportedly owned. However, a few months later, Tyson faced a significant defeat to James “Buster” Douglas in Japan in 1990, which shattered his world. Despite this setback, Tyson lifted his spirits by purchasing a 1990 Mercedes Benz 500 SL with a mobile phone as its essential accessory that summer.

Mike Tyson’s Bankruptcy, his comeback & Recent Car Collection..

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Mike Tyson was one of the most successful boxers in history, earning a staggering $30 million per fight. He fought against many great boxers, including Frank Bruno, Buster Douglas, Donovan Ruddock, Evander Holyfield, and Lennox Lewis.

However, Tyson could have managed his money more wisely and lost all the money he made during his career. Forbes reported that he had made $400 million from his fights but declared bankruptcy in 2003 due to reckless spending.

Tyson spent his money on luxury cars, high-end houses, and other lavish things. He even tried to sell a Connecticut estate for $32 million, but he failed. All of these factors contributed to his bankruptcy. However, Tyson has managed to rebuild his wealth over the years. He stopped drinking alcohol and adopted a vegan-based diet, which helped him regain his health and success.

Tyson has become more careful with his money since his bankruptcy. He owns a collection of luxury cars, including:

Cadillac Escalade 

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Rolls Royce Ghost

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Mercedes-Benz G63.

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Image source: miketyson / Instagram

Jake pauls Car collection

  • Dodge Ram 1500
  • Toyota Tacoma$50,000
  • Tesla Model X
  • BMW M5 Competition
  • Lamborghini Huracan Performante
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Custom Ford Focus
  • Ferrari SF90 Spyder
  • Monster Truck

In contrast to Tyson’s preference for classic cars, Jake Paul, who is considerably younger, is more inclined towards modern supercars. After earning recognition, he fulfilled his dream of owning a Blu Cepheus Lamborghini Huracán Performante.

Jake Paul loves Ferrari, just like Tyson.

Jake paul's car collection

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are known for their love of luxury sports cars, particularly the iconic Ferrari brand. During his prime, Mike Tyson purchased not one but two Ferraris to add to his impressive car collection. Meanwhile, Jake Paul’s fascination with Ferraris began when he acquired his 296 GTB. This was his second exotic sports car after the Lamborghini. He was so thrilled with his new ride that he proudly took to social media to boast about it.

Jake’s love for Ferraris rose when he acquired the limited-edition Ferrari SF90 Spider, the latest addition to his collection. Collectors highly seek this particular model, as only 599 units were produced. The SF90 Spider has a powerful twin-turbo V8 engine and three electric motors capable of producing over 1,000 horsepower. Jake spent a whopping $600,000 to acquire this rare beauty and couldn’t be happier with his purchase.

Jake’s love for SUVs.

Vs youtube givingawayatrxwithjakepaul 635

Jake’s love for SUVs is also quite evident, and he has stated that many times through his YouTube videos. Jake owns two SUVs: a souped-up Dodge RAM 1500 TRX and a Toyota Tacoma. We have yet to learn how much he uses them in the real world, which adds to his long list of cars.

Jake paul car collection

Jake Love for EV’s

Vs youtube jakepaulscustomteslamodelxwestcoastcustoms 104

After gaining more popularity, he owned many other cars, including an all-electric Tesla Model X, highlighting his appreciation for advanced technology. However, Jake did not restrict himself to buying Tesla; he spent another fortune on the EV to customize it. The car boasted a bespoke wrap with sandblasted details and carbon accents, Elevating its aesthetic appeal and reflecting Jake’s taste for personalization and luxury.

It is evident from all these facts that Jake loves to customize his cars, and he has done the same with a relatively cheap vehicle in his collection: a Ford Focus RS. Jake gave his $40,000 (approx.) Focus to West Coast Customs, and they painted the car with a unique mix of colors to make it stand out on the road. Jake later gave the Focus RS to a fan.

His love for Rolls Royce

Vs youtube jakepaulcarcollection2021rollsroycelamborghini 100

Jake Paul has added the Rolls-Royce Phantom to his collection of expensive cars. Due to its exceptional craftsmanship and imposing presence, the Phantom is regarded as the ultimate symbol of luxury and refinement. Acquiring the Phantom shows Jake’s exquisite taste and admiration for the finer things in life. Although no detailed information is available about his Phantom, one can only imagine the meticulous customization and attention to detail that makes this car prestigious.

Both Jake and Tyson owned some wild Custom Trucks

Mike Tyson Lamborghini LM002

Countach and lm002 v12 25

In an episode of his ‘Hotboxin’ Podcast, the former heavyweight boxing champion shared how he came to own his prized Lamborghini LM002. Tyson revealed that he first laid eyes on the SUV at the age of 21 when he met Malcolm Forbes, the millionaire owner of Forbes magazine. Forbes drove the Lamborghini then, and its beauty and power immediately struck Tyson. From that moment on, Tyson dreamed of owning the car himself.

Years later, Tyson finally made that dream a reality when he purchased a Lamborghini. He recounted the experience on his podcast, describing how he felt when he finally got behind the wheel of the car he had long admired. For Tyson, the Lamborghini represented wealth and success and a reminder of the hard work and dedication it took to get to where he is today.

Jake Paul’s weird obsession with Monster Truck

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Jake Paul ordered a custom Monster Jeep made according to his preferences. He named it the “Emergency Response Vehicle,” it has a unique design that blends elements of a 1947 Jeep CJ2A with a rugged tubular steel frame.

With a powerful engine producing a staggering 815 horsepower, this monstrous machine demands attention as it roars through the streets, emitting thunderous noise from its chimney stacks. Jake spared no expense in creating his dream vehicle, investing around $100,000 to bring his vision to life.

Mike Tyson VS Jake Paul Car Collection: Summary

To sum up, Jake has yet to display enthusiasm for classic supercars or restomod muscle cars. It may benefit him to diversify his collection by adding some of these types of vehicles to match some of Iron Mike’s classic rides. However, one thing that is quite noticeable is that both Jake and Mike share a deep love for Lamborghini and Ferrari, and, of course, Rolls Royce.

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