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In 1963 Ferruccio Lamborghini started the Lamborghini Automobili project. He assembled a team of people and with them he created what would become a brand symbolizing the world of cars manufacturing.

Much has been said about Lamborghini’s story, many events, official ones and unofficial ones, were dedicated to it, always focusing on the cars and forgetting about those who created the Lamborghini myth: the Lamborghini men !

During the year of the 35th anniversary of the Countach we chose to reunite those who have been working for the Lamborghini during the Ferruccio Lamborghini era and to point the spotlights on them, because without them there would have been nothing to celebrate !

Enthusiasts, owners or not of a Lamborghini, will have the unique chance to meet those who have created these jewels, to be able to talk to them and to show their cars to the very people who built them.

It will be a unique opportunity to ‘go backwards’ in time?!

We are contacting all the former employees of Lamborghini and we are inviting them to the event: from managers to doormen !

So far these people have confirmed their presence at the event :

Engineer Paolo Stanzani ‘Creator of the Miura and of many other models’ and Lamborghini Manager during the Ferruccio Lamborghini era.
Engineer Giampaolo Dallara ‘Creator of the Miura’ e of ‘Mr. Wolf’s special Countach’.
Ubaldo Sgarzi former Sales manager Lamborghini from 1963 till the beginning of the 90s.
Enzo Moruzzi former Public Relations assistant, member of the Lamborghini technical commission for Lamborghini Historical Registry. He has been in Lamborghini from 1965 till 2004.
Ingrid Puttisch former secretary Ubaldo Sgarzi, Famous in all of Lamborghini’s world.
Cesare Lodi former Lamborghini test driver.
Claudio Zampolli former Lamborghini test driver.
Orazio Salvioli former Customer Support division employee.
Hubert Hahne former Lamborghini importer for Germany during the 70s.

These are just a few of the people who have confirmed their presence but many more are on the list.

The participants will be provided with a list of guests and their former duties.

Within the event prizes will be given to the cars that will attend and it will be the very people who created them to give scores and award prizes.

Sadly, Ferruccio Lamborghini won’t be physically with us, but he will be there with us, within our hearts, and there will be chances to remember him with …

For security and organization reasons only the people who are on the list of participants will be allowed into the event.

The event focuses on Lamborghini Vintage cars, especially Miura and Countach, therefore we hope to see massive participation on their behalf.

The event schedule will be given to the participants upon arrival.

The event will start at 10.00 on September the 28th and will end at night on September 29th.

We’re waiting for you in great numbers.