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The mind of a Lamborghini enthusiast might be a strange thing, here we have the result of such innovative thinking … Automobili Lamborghini SpA released the Gallardo Performante, which let’s face it, is nothing more than the Spyder version of the LP570-4 Superleggera.

I know not everybody is a fan of open top driving, especially when we are talking about cars with that much power just behind your ears, but look at the competition : we have the Bugatti Veyron, the Zonda, the SLR … all available in open top version. Sure we had the Murciélago LP640 Roadster, and to conclude the production we even saw the LP650-4 Roadster, which was a limited edition, but why not take it one step further.

So I came up with the idea of a Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce Roadster (what’s in a name right ?), why not. Naturally I can’t take a real Super Veloce and ‘chop’ the roof away, that would in fact ruin the car altogether, but what can be done is taking a Murciélago Roadster, be it an original 6.2 or the later LP640 version and install the parts from a Super Veloce onto it to make it look like that street legal race car.

Now I’m sure somewhere out there we will be seeing something like this happen, perhaps to a Murciélago Roadster that was caught in an accident for instance, with minor damage to the front and rear, but with no chassis work … such a project would be perfect to have SV parts installed onto, you are replacing the front and rear bumper anyway, probably even the side sills were damaged and when you are it I guess that rear wing isn’t the highest cost anymore either.

The car on this page however is only a 1/18 diecast model, created from using parts of an orange Super Veloce and a purple Roadster … after countless hours of cutting, grinding, smoothing out, a complete repaint, scratch built parts here and there … and at the end, after all is said and done the result is a great looking SV Roadster.

On this car we’ve went for a mat black exterior, which is so in fashion right now on the Aventador, combined with orange details. Like the ‘hollow’ SV script on the side, a special decal order from Hong Kong made this possible, together with the orange brake calipers and glossy black wheels the look on the outside is simply breathtaking … just the way a Lamborghini should look right ?

Naturally with such a great look on the outside, the interior couldn’t be left alone either, so a combination of orange and black adorns the seats now, orange and grey on the doorpanels where the grey is also present on the two tone dashboard. Remember the Murciélago Roadster could be ordered with different finish on the driver and the passenger seat, and in that case the dashboard is also contrasting … exactly the look we wanted in this topless lady.

Originally this 1/18 Super Veloce model had the seat belts fixed to the seats, they could however be removed rather easily, so at the end there are brand new, orange color coded, four point seat belts installed using real metal clips … how’s that for authenticity ? Just another indication of the attention to detail the builder of this scale model put into his work.

Probably one of the best looking items on this mat black Super Veloce Roadster is the engine cover, we’ve seen the original Roadster cover, it isn’t too bad, but we’ve also seen the glass engine cover that became available later on, very nice, but still not too special either. The engine cover on the Reventon Roadster didn’t look too bad either, but for this project the builder went all the way and created an innovative look combining the well know hexagon glass sections from the original SV engine cover onto a cut Roadster cover … which looks just perfect on it by the way.

So is this something we could be seeing in real life any time soon ? Why not, as mentioned above it would be a great idea to create this look on a crashed Roadster that you are rebuilding, and just imagine how people would react if you arrive in something like this ? You might even steal away some attention from that brand new, $400K mat black Aventador parked next to you … who knows?

Looking for more photos and background information on this build, take a look at the LamboDIECAST page on the Murciélago LP670-4 SV Roadster.