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It came as a bit of a surprise that Reiter Engineering would be unveiling their brand new GT1 car based on the recent Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce at Spa during the Total 24h de Spa weekend.

In a special press conference held by the FIA with Stephane Ratel the third car built to their 2010 specs would be shown to a select group of journalists and photographers.

In-between the Nissan GTR and the Ford GT we could recognize the silhouette of a much lower car as it was still covered by a white satin sheets prior to the conference.

The biggest surprise of the Murciélago LP670 R-SV as it is officially called is the fact that it uses a factory original engine, the basic 670 Bhp V12 unit is strong enough to be used as a race engine on it’s own, no need for expensive tuning or modifications, Reiter Engineering is confident that their work to the bodywork, suspension, drive train and interior is enough to create a winning combination … and you must admit it sure looks impressive, especially in the dark gray shade used on this first R-SV car made.

In fact it was only finished days before the unveiling at Spa, so no long development track testing yet, but rest assured Reiter Engineering will be putting this magnificent Raging Bull through it’s paces on the Salzburgring in Austria well before we’ll be seeing it in action during it’s inaugural race in 2010.

Another very interesting fact is the price, previously a decent GT1 race car would set you back a healthy million Euro, if not more, however the Murciélago LP670 R-SV is available for less than half of that. None other than Mr Hans Reiter himself, CEO of Reiter Engineering stated that this brand new car would cost less than 500,000 Euro to obtain in race ready shape, so my guess is that we could possibly see more than one R-SV in the 2010 FIA GT Championship.

I also think that this Murciélago is still going to be developed further between races, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this V12 powered racing Bull … I can hardly wait to see it in real life action next year … or perhaps even sooner.