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I have to admit I’ve been a fan of the Need for Speed series since the early days, I think I have played them all from the first one right up to the current ‘The RUN’ edition, and I will also be the first to admit not all of the games in this series were great … I for one really enjoyed the Run, for which I actually put in a pre-order to get the Limited edition that allowed me to drive the Aventador in the game.

Now Electronic Arts is working on a brand new installment, the Criterion Games release of another Most Wanted title, and in the trailer they’ve put online recently we can admire a stunning mat black Lamborghini Aventador trying to outrun the police that are chasing in large numbers.

But don’t get your hopes up too early, at this moment we are looking at an early Alpha release to test gameplay, and if all goes as planned the first games will hit the shelves towards the end of October, early November … just in time for the Christmas holiday season I guess.

At the Electronic Arts press conference where the game from Criterion Games was first unveiled it became very obvious the tuning touch from the earlier releases in this franchise has been dropped and this new Most Wanted title is more of a back to the roots of the initial game … trying to escape from the police in a super car or exotic car … and the list of cars featured is very impressive already, even at this early stage.

Car from makes like Aston Martin, Porsche, Ford Mustang … and naturally the current Lamborghini V12 flagship, the Aventador. At first glance there is no option to personalize these cars apart from a different hue on the bodywork, but that doesn’t take away from the very impressive gameplay we can already see in these early trailers.

I will be keeping an eye on this game when it comes out later this year, if it is as good as the Run and adds the thrill of the earlier Most Wanted games I will definetely get a copy for my Sony PS3 game console … getting behind the wheel of some Lamborghini models and possibly wrecking them completely somehow sounds really good to me.