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If you’ve been reading my articles the name Thomas Granjard should ring a bell … when I mention the ‘Lamborghini Diamante Concept‘ I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, an extremely impressive concept for a new Raging Bull flagship that could celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini SpA in 2023.

In fact the Diamante Concept was shown as a 3D model in May 2013 at Coventry University where Mr Granjard was following a degree to become a designer … before Thomas created the ultimate super car for the next decade he designed a more mainstream model … a concept for the next generation Gallardo.

The number of renders and articles on the Lamborghini Gallardo successor reaching unseen levels these days, talk about a replacement model for the decade old Gallardo has been going around the internet for several years, a model that might be called the Cabrera should be taking over the reign of the current V10 model … some sources state she will be called the Huracan or Deimos instead of Cabrera, but most agree on a power output above 600hp, still a V10 and possibly a turbo charged V8 while a Hybrid is on the rumor mill too.

Several scoops have been published showing the new Lamborghini V10 model at various stages of development, all heavily camouflaged either with black panels or with black and white camouflage wrap over panels that hide the real design of the ‘baby Aventador’ … so right now only a select few have seen what the new Lamborghini will look like … rumor has it there will be a few VIP events in the months ahead of the 2014 Geneva Show where high profile, existing customers will be invited to so they can admire the next generation Gallardo in real life before the public unveil that has been set for March 2014 in Switzerland.

So what happens when a talented designer sits down and take the current Lamborghini Galardo styling into the next level … you get something like the renders shown with this article … Thomas Granjard impression on how he would style the Gallardo of the future while retaining some of the more recognizable Lamborghini styling trademarks.

Up front we get a deep bumper with massive air intakes that actually look like the one from the latest Superleggara taken to the extreme … at the rear a multitude of air vents and outlets mostly show the new triangular styling while the taillights are immediately recognized with their Y-shaped LED clusters.

One thing Granjard put on his next generation Gallardo concept are those typical, upward opening doors … and we all know those will stay reserved for the V12 flagship models only, so right now a Gallardo successor will retain somewhat traditional opening doors … would be nice to see doors like on an Aston Martin however, they open normally but still swing upward a little … that would be the best of both worlds on a Gallardo successor I guess.

For any official photos or renders on the MY2014 Lamborghini V10 model we’ll have to wait a few more months … but I just couldn’t resist publishing these images from Thomas … they show the style and aggressiveness that would look right at home on a new entry level Raging Bull.