Novitec torado aventador lp700-4 roadster - guide - lamborghini aventador roadster
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it has been over a year (July 2013 to be exact) since we’ve received the first official press photos of the Novitec Torado Aventador LP700-4, an aerodynamic package created by well-known Novitec for the Lamborghini V12 flagship, naturally most of these parts would also fit the open top Aventador Roadster version … with one exception: those triangular air intakes to be mounted on the engine cover.

But fear not … Novitec Torado now releases a complete kit specifically created to be mounted onto the V12 Roadster version, complete with custom made air intakes behind both the driver and the passenger of this exotic open top super car.

Just as for the closed coupé equivalent, this new Roadster package can come in clear carbon fiber together with custom made 20/21 inch wheels that are calibrated specifically for the Novitec suspension, which is in fact height adjustable … and can lower the Aventador 30mm to the concrete.

The Novitec Torado Roadster package consists of a two part front spoiler to be fitted onto the original bumper together with a new center section and air intakes while the luggage cover receives a set of air tunnels to create an even better air flow over this section.

On the side the very special Novitec Torado sills are present again that flow into a brand new, clear carbon fiber rear lower diffuser that wraps around an Inconel exhaust system derived from F1 racing … a massive, double fin rear wing competes the rear of this car.

However for the Aventador Roadster Novitec Torado came up with a pair of air tunnels to be mounted on the black parts just behind the driver and passenger … again in clear carbon fiber, which is the same material that can be found on many parts inside this V12 Bull … custom made interiors are also a specialty of Novitec in case you were wondering.