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When you take into consideration the official MSRP on a new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in Singapore is over $1,400,000 without options you understand an owner taking his own V12 Raging Bull flagship and not only have it completely tuned by Novitec but also having a custom designed wrap put onto it, must be a real enthusiast who loves his car to be one of a kind.

Over the last months this specific car has changed looks several time, originally it arrived from the factory in white … which in case of a Bianco Canopus is my absolute favorite shade in fact, the owner first had a gold stripe decal mounted … which he later replaced with a red stripe running from the front to the back of the Lamborghini. Furthermore the E=MC² script appeared on this car at some point … something the owner also had put onto his orange BMW M3 GTS and a white Bentley … we are talking about a car guy here.

I guess he grew tired of the white finish and had the entire Lamborghini Aventador wrapped in a matte blue shade, including an orange stripe this time … the brake calipers got a splash of color by showing a stunning TriColore scheme while the original Iperione wheels were finished in black but showed a nice blue pinstripe color coded with the blue wrap of the car.

According to GTSpirit the owner took the next step in creating his personal vision by having the impressive Novitec Torado aerodynamic kit installed onto his car, photos show a matte blue Novitec Torado, but without the orange stripe and rolling on full black Dione wheels. Another detail that caught my eye on this blue Torado was the fact the brake calipers were orange instead of the TriColore we’re looking at here, and there is no E=MC² sign on it … furthermore this blue Novitec Torado has the air intakes/vents on the front hood.

Today the car we are talking about is wearing a stunning new wrap, matte black and white combined with a nice red stripe running over the middle of the car, again the E=MC² is present and the brake calipers are still showing the beautiful TriColore combination … and we see an almost complete Novitec Torado kit … but the front hood is original, the special Novitec ‘vents’ aren’t installed on this car … which makes me doubt the fact the matte blue Novitec Torado mentioned earlier is the same car.

Still you have to admit this matte white Novitec Torado Aventador looks really good with that large rear wing, the deep front spoiler and innovative side sills … even the air intakes on the engine cover look perfect on this car while the new lower rear diffuser totally changes the look at the back of this Bull, add the very nice gold finished Dione wheels and the overall impression is really great.