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We have been seeing the delivery of the limited-edition Lamborghini Sián since late 2020 now, the first one being delivered in the United States of America, finished in bright orange metallic, it looked amazing.

Later we also saw a clear carbon fiber one with partially painted panels in a satin gold shade, very nicely done, a blue one has been seen on the streets of Beverly Hills lately too, and just recently another Sián was delivered to a customer in New York, through Manhattan Motorcars, this one finished similar to the actual show car we’ve seen at the IAA in Frankfurt back in September of  2019.

From what we heard, Lamborghini made the first five Lamborghini Sián customer cars for the US market, after that, they finished 5 more for the European market.

We’ve all seen the Viola finished one that went into the Qatari Royal Collection, with very nice, color-matched interior details, and let’s not forget the two Lamborghini Sián that were sent together to H.R.Owen in London, UK. And very recently the first one of two Sián for customers in the Netherlands was delivered in a stunning blue metallic on gold Oro Electrum wheels.

So it seems Lamborghini is building the 63 units of their Lamborghini Sián ‘few off’ model at a nice rate today, we’ve already seen some photos of more Sián during production with some very special liveries and details, which isn’t surprising, as Lamborghini intended to have lengthy conversations with each of their 63 customers, together with the designer of the car, Mitja Borkert, to create 63 different, bespoke Sián for the world.

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I remember when the Sián was unveiled in Frankfurt, they actually invited all 63 customers to be present at the press conference, and they were also invited to a private meeting that evening to talk with Mitja and see what the possibilities for their Sián were. Note that the same will be done for the 19 customers of the even more limited Lamborghini Sián Roadster that will be built next.

Sadly the current climate did not allow for all customers to travel to Europe to create their own Lamborghini Sián, but many did, and the others put the design and options for their car together virtually and during video conference calls.

Recently some more details about this process have surfaced, and it seems the MSRP of $3,600,000 was an ‘all-in’ price for the Lamborghini Sián … all options, like the choice of paint color, the interior upholstery, stitching, details, and more, were available at no additional cost.
But we wouldn’t be talking about Lamborghini if they didn’t have a few special options to raise the price even further.

Remember the show car having all that glossy carbon fiber around the headlights, in the front bumper, on the door, and the vertical fins at the rear, including all the air vents on the fenders?
It seems that was a €90,000 (US$ 109,000) option, if you didn’t check this one on the options list, all those parts are painted, you can select the paint to match the rest of your Sián or go for a contrasting shade, but if you want carbon fiber, you’ll have to pay for it.

But wait for it … that’s not even close to what Lamborghini will charge you if you want to have your Sián match that carbon fiber Centenario in your garage. Back in 2016, Lamborghini unveiled the Centenario at the Geneva Motor Show, a car to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ferruccio Lamborghini, only 20 coupes and 20 roadsters were built, and if you wanted to match the show car’s clear carbon fiber body you had to go for the €300,000 (about $330,000 at that time) option.

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For the Lamborghini Sián, you also can have the entire body finished in carbon fiber, either with a glossy topcoat, or a satin one … but inflation took over, and for a carbon fiber Lamborghini Sián you would have to add €500,000 ($ 604,000) on top of the base MSRP … that’s the price of a brand new Aventador … for an option!

So let’s say you went for every possible option when you ordered your bespoke Lamborghini Sián … that would have set you back at least $4,313,000 in total, but with only 63 ever built, and all of those being sold out even before anyone saw the real car, chances are you’ll be able to ask a nice premium when it’s time to move on and sell your Lamborghini Sián.

Well, think again … remember that contract you were asked to sign when you were selected by Lamborghini to be able to buy their Sián? It clearly states you can’t sell this car within 24 months of taking delivery!

This means that any customer that didn’t manage to get their hands on one of the 63 Sián when these were initially mentioned back in 2017, will have to wait until the very end of 2022, but more likely 2023 to be able to buy one on the second-hand market … and it will come with a hefty premium, I’m sure of that.

So for the time being, it seems we won’t be seeing any Lamborghini Sián changing hands for another two years unless you have a very good reason and pass it by Lamborghini beforehand.