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PUR Wheels have created a serious reputation when it comes to creating custom rims for some of the most exotic super cars on the market today, their stunning looking RS05 wheel already looked very impressive with the Egoista inspired styling … but now PUR has taken this wheel to the next level with the RS05.V2 limited edition.

One of the first Lamborghini being fitted with the PUR RS05 wheels was finished in a matte grey wrap and also received the amazing PUR Aero kit and showed a Gloss Anthracite finish on the wheels, while a white Gallardo received the same wheel in a high gloss chrome finish … PUR even delivered a set of RS05 wheels in bright orange to be installed on a Murciélago LP640.

Naturally the PUR RS05 looks right at home on the current V12 flagship from Sant’Agata, the Aventador, and even more so if you add some extra aerodynamic parts … like the DMC Molto Veloce kit for instance seen on this baby blue Bull, strange detail is the fact this blue Lamborghini Aventador has a DMC Spezial Version front bumper installed, but it isn’t one of only 10 DMC SV models.

The Wild Bull created by SR Auto Group back in November 2013 is in fact one of only ten DMC Aventador Spezial Version cars, only ten of these extremely impressive aerodynamic packages by DMC have been sold worldwide, and this Arancio Argos V12 is one of them … back in 2013 the owner installed ADV.1 wheels … today this car became even more exclusive.

PUR Wheels is celebrating the success of their RS05 model with a highly limited evolution of the original concept … they added a stunning looking dry carbon fiber fin to the otherwise high gloss black RS05 wheel … now called the RS05.V2 and only available for the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in a limited production run of 25 sets measuring 9×20 inch and 12.5×21 inch front to rear.

Instead of mimicking the carbon fiber fin seen on the Egoista concept, PUR Wheels created a totally innovative design, in fact each of the five fins per wheel are individually crafted … to follow the direction of the wheel it will be fitted on … remember these RS05 sets require four casts. Front and rear are two cast because of the size difference, but also right to left the wheels are individual because of the angle of the fins … they follow the rotational direction the wheel will be turning in when driving … forward naturally.

All 25 sets of these PUR Wheels RS05.V2 will be finished in glossy black with dry carbon fins … once all 25 sets of four wheels have been sold … it will never be produced again … which is why these fit perfectly on the orange Aventador shown here … the car is a DMC Aventador SV one of ten and it is now rolling on a set of wheels that is one of 25 only … it doesn’t get much more exclusive than this … apart from getting a Lamborghini Veneno that is … but that might be just a little more expensive.