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We’ve seen the first units of the new 2015 Super Trofeo race car based on the Huracan  a while ago and rumor has it the Squadra Corse department at Automobili Lamborghini SpA is developing a GT3 variant of the Huracan too … but there is one company that has been racing Lamborghini cars since 2000 … renowned Reiter Engineering is still the worldwide exclusive manufacturer of Lamborghini GT1 and GT3 racing cars and on the world’s leading GT3 engineering companies to have achieved FIA approval.

Reiter prepared Lamborghini race cars are competing in Europe, America and Asia with almost 100 customers behind the wheel of these Raging Bulls and now the next evolution in V10 race cars has been unveiled … the brand new Reiter Gallerdo Extenso, in short the R-EX … taking the previous Gallardo GT3 FL2 into an extreme width of 2050cm in total.

Being wider than the previous Reiter GT3 Bull this new R-EX is only just within the regulations for the 2015 season where the Reiter Gallardo Extenso will be seen in the Blancpain GT Series, the US Pirelli World Challenge and the SRO GT Sports Club races.

At the rear the original aluminum panels are replaced with wider carbon fiber quarter panels while the rear axle receives 13cm longer wishbones to achieve significantly improved handling besides looking great … power comes from using race camshafts and Mahle pistons that reduce fuel consumption and increase reliability … keep in mind that every single Reiter developed Gallardo engine has been completely undamaged since 2012 … for a race engine that is indeed a very impressive feat.

The Reiter Gallardo Extenso not only boasts a wider rear section and more power, the exhaust note is very impressive to suit the aggressive looks of this new Racing Bull, note that Reiter also installs new headlights, new taillights and a full carbon fiber rear section reminding us of the legendary Reiter Murciélago R-SV GT1 … the most impressive V12 race car if you ask me.

When Hans Reiter is asked about the new Huracan and why he still decided to develop the Gallardo further the answer was simple and logical … There are already over 100 Reiter prepared Lamborghini race cars that left the workshop in Kirchanschoering, Bavaria with over 200 victories and over 400 podium finishes, which means the Gallardo is an extremely solid base for GT3 racing … in 2015 and beyond in fact, Hans stated “In a similar way to the aviation industry, we build on affordable evolutionary steps in the car development and forgo revolutionary changes. Reliability and longevity have absolute priority. Since 2012 every Reiter developed Gallardo engine is completely undamaged!”

Reiter Engineering remains the exclusive and official Lamborghini partner for the Gallardo GT3 and for its development and production. “For me it is of great importance to maintain and justify the trust that we have enjoyed from Lamborghini for 14 years now,” comments Hans Reiter on the communiqué. “As we expect several new race cars for the end of 2015 and a corresponding increase in competition with greater performance, we already managed to take up the challenge. With the new REITER Gallardo EXTENSO – short R-EX – our customers will be attuned to the future performance level early in 2015, but also knows that they have received a proven and reliable product.”

Only 10 units of the Reiter Gallardo Extenso – R-EX will be built, each priced at €248,000 which includes the 24h kit and finished in either clear carbon fiber or titanium grey … the ‘Carbon-Black’ car will still have aluminum doors and roof, but the rest of the body will be kept in clear carbon fiber while the ‘Titanium-Grey’ car will feature a shade to emphasize the military look of this Raging Bull.